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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 11:20

What the...! Would you Deep Fry a Turkey?

It’s the Silly Season and in Western tradition, that means it’s time for some Turkeybirds!

In most circles, there is someone adventurous (brave) enough to take on the momentous task of cooking the Turkey, but the secret recipes & methodology are often fiercely guarded and rarely failsafe! Often resulting in under or over cooked birds & a disappointing meal, so what is the best way to cook a Turkey?

To brine or not to brine, to roast or smoke – or as it turns out to deep fry in or out doors? Yes, deep frying a turkey is apparently a thing!

Deep Fried Turkey
Deep-Fried Turkey

Brining your turkey in advance of roasting or smoking will give added moisture to the end result, plus it gives you the opportunity to add some spices and herbs to the flavour in advance of cooking, giving extra intensity of flavour to the skin and meat. This method, combined with basting whilst cooking is the best to ensure you maintain tenderness, moisture and flavour whilst the Turkey is slow cooking – which is necessary for an evenly cooked bird. Chicken stock is ideal for brining, and for those who enjoy going the extra mile, you can of course make your own homemade brine.

Some BBQ’s now offer the option of smoking your Turkey, and this is certainly a cooking method best done outside, although stovetop smokers are available on the market. The lovely richness smoking gives to a turkey is always a bonus to other traditional flavourings like sage and nutmeg. Smoking also gives you a choice of flavoured chips, such as Applewood, Maple or Mesquite.

Some would say ‘only in America’ and the number of YouTube Clips on Turkey Deep Frying accidents should be warning enough to make you disregard this method as a reasonably poor idea. Failing that, the William Shatner’s Deep-Fried ‘Eat, Fry, Love – a Cautionary Tale’ should be enough to convince you this method is not only dangerous, but requires a lot of equipment & is very messy.

There are different procedures and gadgets for both indoor and outdoor turkey deep frying, and whilst those who go to this extreme claim the result is more moist, tender & has superior crispy skin – well documented taste offs suggest a well-tended roast will give the same results, with less to clean up and lower hospital costs.

Deep Fried Turkey - Fail!
 Deep-Fried Turkey - how not to do it!

That said, at we’re excited it’s time for Turkey, we welcome the long slow morning of delicious roasting turkey aromas wafting through the house, and the Tryptophan Turkey induced comas that ensure – move over, it’s my turn to nap on the couch!

Our Festive Turkeys are in stock and are available for order today. So that you don’t miss out you’re important Turkey diary dates are as follows:

  • American Thanksgiving - Thursday 24th November

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If you’re still inclined to try this technique, do your research, get proper protective gear, measure the oil required very carefully and ensure you remove all moisture from the turkey prior to frying – and well…. It’s been nice knowing you! In fact, ‘Darwinian’ is a concept which springs to mind.

Wishing you all the best with your turkey adventure,

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