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Fitness - The Pursuit of Fitness PDF Print E-mail
Written by Charles Dunford   
Tuesday, 16 January 2018 20:19

The Pursuit of Fitness

What is fitness?   Cardio vascular, strength, stamina, flexibility, body composition and agility spring to mind.  All can be improved at any age….with effort, and perhaps the guidance and motivation offer from a supportive personal trainer. 

Let’s expand on the apparently most superficial point above, body composition, in short body fat Vs lean weight. Did you know that we loose muscle as we age, and the 20 year old you versus a 45 year old you, even at the same absolute weight will have a higher percentage fat (unless you do muscle retaining/building exercise).  In the un-exercised person could translate to 10KG of lost muscle replaced with fat.  

Therefore, a worthy training goal is to reverse the process of natural muscle loss and get you back closer to a younger fitter look.  This can be done at any age, and has many benefits.  More functional strength and endurance, better shape, more muscle to burn calories = better weight management. 

Three exercise basics:

  1. Knowledge, understand how your body responds to exercise and how to work it effectively whilst limiting possible injury.
  2. Do enough exercise to effectively improve cardio vascular health and resistance training for muscle and strength.  I see many people turn up in the gym and about 50% are wasting their time with such low levels of activity as to have no benefit. 
  3. Stay motivated for sufficient time to make the new routine a life changing habit.

If you find this hard then working with a Personal Trainer you like and respect will provide additional incentive to train regularly and with a tailor-made programme. 

Final word, we only have one body and how we maintain it is up to us.  Very few of us invest the necessary physical and mental effort to achieve reasonable levels of fitness and wellbeing.  I use the word invest because our fitness impacts on our most valuable asset, our health, quality of life and our income generator that turns up at work.

About Charles Dunford

Charles Dunford
Charles Dunford

Charles is originally from the historic town of Bath in England. He came to Hong Kong in 1993 and built a highly successful career providing Private Banking and wealth management services to High Net Worth clients across Asia before deciding to change directions and follow his passion for fitness by becoming a fitness coach.

Having started his own fitness journey over 40 years ago – he is a second Dan in Karate, avid skier, time trail cycle racer, and always in the gym - Charles has developed a deep understanding of a number of tried and proven training and fitness methods.

Furthermore, he understands the stresses of HK life, and that mature individuals experience physiological changes. However, Charles is personal proof that it is possible to do a high pressure job, run a family, be in your 40's to 60's and still enjoy fitness.

Charles is an officially qualified Personal Trainer from the globally recognised NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Whatsapp Charles on 9195 9288 for more information.  

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 10:46
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