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Golden Peak Movement Therapy - Who Turned the Light Out? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Roy Benett of Golden Peak Movement Therapy   
Monday, 05 June 2017 12:57

Who Turned the Light Out?

If you walk in to a house and hit the light switch in the living room but the room stays dark and the light goes on in the master bedroom instead, you'd think you had an electrical problem that needed fixing. Similarly, many musculoskeletal problems are caused by muscles firing in the wrong sequence or failing to switch on at all.

If the wrong muscles are coming on to complete a physical task, even one as simple as standing still, you will eventually experience discomfort and pain.

The light comes on in the master bedroom when you hit the light switch in the living room because there's a malfunction in the electrical circuitry. The body works in a very similar way. Your neck muscles shouldn't be working hard when you're standing still, walking or doing a simple bodyweight squat.

Efficient posture and movement are the result of the ability to conserve energy and control the right muscles for the task at hand. Without developing the efficient use of strength - and the requisite control - your risk of pain and probable injury increases.


Neck Tension - Before  Neck Tension - After

 Teaching a client how to reduce chronic neck tension.

About Golden Peak Movement Therapy and its Princial, Roy Bennett

Golden Peak Movement Therapy applies concepts, strategies and techniques which enable you to begin accessing and reactivating your natural inborn capability to turn down the 'volume' in overactive muscles. This ability allows you to generate more efficient whole body movement, eliminate pain and integrate the body into a single unified whole, one in which tensional integrity is not only present but completely functional in relation to everyday tasks, recreational activities and competitive sports at any level.

Golden Peak Hong Kong 

Roy Bennett is a proud Londoner who chose to leave the green grass of England to pursue a profound interest in the medical, healing and martial arts of Asia. He has spent the last 20+ years living, studying and working in Thailand, Japan, China and Hong Kong. He uses movement therapy, acupressure techniques and qi gong to help his clients return to and maintain a natural state of wellness and health.

Roy teaches his system of therapy on Hong Kong Island and Tuen Mun.

For more information or to book an introductory session please call 5328 4979 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Facebook page - www.facebook.com/goldenpeakhongkong

Last Updated on Monday, 05 June 2017 13:10
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