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www.goldcoastonline.hk is a privately owned and operated Internet forum. www.goldcoastonline.hk is an unmoderated forum and, as such, posts made by members in the Community Forums are NOT vetted before they are published. We really on the maturity and good sense of our members to ensure theyonly post threads in good taste.

1. Whilst www.goldcoastonline.hk endeavours to encourage free discussion, there are topics which will not be tolerated on the forum and will be moderated immediately without discussion, viz: racism, sexism, homo-phobia, extreme political/sectarian/religious/racial views and certain distasteful topics in any form will not be tolerated on the forum in any of its sections. Obscene and/or violent material will be removed immediately and poster(s) may be subject to disciplinary action. If you find any post which contravenes these rules please let us know immediately.

2. Views expressed by members on www.goldcoastonline.hk are considered to be their views and theirs alone. The owners of www.goldcoastonline.hk accept no liability whatsoever for the content of these posts, and will remove any material which is thought to be of a legally controversial nature.

3. www.goldcoastonline.hk accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any remarks made by its members which may be considered to be defamatory. Whilst every effort will be made to remove any such remarks, responsibility remains in full with the author/member concerned.

4. Images posted on www.goldcoastonline.hk are the responsibility of the poster, www.goldcoastonline.hk accepts no liability for breach of copyright etc. Images posted on www.goldcoastonline.hk are for viewing on www.goldcoastonline.hk only. Images may not be downloaded or linked to by other forums/websites without express permission. Please do not hot-link to images hosted on other forums, or post hot-links to other boards. Similarly please do not hot-link to www.goldcoastonline.hk from other boards. Images posted on www.goldcoastonline.hk should not be wider than 800 pixels - anything wider overlaps the forum page.

5. www.goldcoastonline.hk does not condone or support any illegal or potentially dangerous practices in which any of its members are involved in or promote. Any mention of any such activity will be removed.

6. Any sales transactions between members are entirely their own risk and are in no way the concern of www.goldcoastonline.hk. Items offered for sale by retailers whether in the Hong Kong or overseas are again totally outwith the control of www.goldcoastonline.hk and therefore www.goldcoastonline.hk has no responsibility for any such transaction. www.goldcoastonline.hk takes no responsibility for the quality or completeness of any goods advertised as being for sale/trade, this is entirely the responsibility of the parties concerned.

7. Membership of www.goldcoastonline.hk is free of charge, but is granted as a privilege and not by right. The owners/admin reserve the right to withdraw membership from or deny membership to any individual at any time without giving reason or notice. Individuals should have only one registered username on www.goldcoastonline.hk, any breach of this condition will result in disciplinary action being taken. A registered username is for the use of one individual only – any breach of this condition will result in membership being withdrawn. Any attempt to re-register on www.goldcoastonline.hk during a period of suspension or exclusion will result in the person being excluded from www.goldcoastonline.hk sine die.

8. Any action taken by an www.goldcoastonline.hk Moderator/Administrator is final and not open to discussion. Failure to comply with any of the above terms and conditions may result in membership being suspended or removed. Abuse of the Private Messaging system will also result in similar penalties being applied, a member's access to Private Messaging can also be suspended if necessary.

9. The onward use of www.goldcoastonline.hk forum posts and material contained therein is restricted to authorised members of www.goldcoastonline.hk and by prior consent only. All material posted on www.goldcoastonline.hk is considered to be copyrighted. Any publication of material from www.goldcoastonline.hk posts, screen-shots thereof, and any other similar abuse of membership privileges by means electronic, print or otherwise will be taken very seriously and may result in the withdrawal of membership from members concerned.


www.goldcoastonline.hk reserves the right to amend or add to the Terms & conditions at any time without reason or notice to its membership. It is the responsibility of the membership to keep itself acquainted with the T&Cs and it is assumed by their continued use of www.goldcoastonline.hk that members are familiar with these T&Cs. Membership of www.goldcoastonline.hk and posting thereon is conditional on being acquainted with these T&Cs and it is assumed that all members will read them from time to time.

Effective January 2009

Our Commitment to Privacy
Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

The Way We Use Information:

You can register with our website if you would like to contribute to our forums, post advertisements, view certain features or receive our newsletter as well as updates. Information you submit on our website will not be used for this purpose if you opt-out on the registration form.

We use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our website and to share with advertisers. For example, we may tell an advertiser that N number of individuals visited a certain area on our website, or that X number of men and Y number of women filled out our registration form, but we would not disclose anything that could be used to identify those individuals.

We never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones described above without also providing you an opportunity to opt-out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.

Our Commitment to Data Security
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Our Commitment to Children's Privacy:
Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, we never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 16, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under 16.

How to Contact Us
Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Affiliate Disclaimer
Neither Goldcoastonline.hk and Goldcoastonline.com.hk are owned or affiliated with Sino Land or their Gold Coast developments.





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