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Gold Coast Area Transport Survey PDF Print E-mail
Gold Coast Area Transport Survey
With 7,000 new homes planned or already being built in the Gold Coast area the local transport system will be pushed to breaking point.

It has been some time since the Citybus 962 route was restricted to peak hours only. Rush hour 962 buses are either empty - because no-one knows they are coming, or they are packed to bursting point - and so many people standing creates a potential disaster when it is travelling at 80 kph on the highway.

Travellers to Hong Kong-side outside of rush hour face longer journeys because they have to travel via the Siu Lam Bus Interchange and wait for a 960, 961 or 962X - which can add 20+ minutes to a journey.

The alternative is to wait for a 962B, which takes a longer route via Sham Tseng when it does finally arrive.

Goldcoastonline.hk has asked local residents to share their views on public transport in this area, so that we can present them at a meeting of local business and community leaders with a view to improving local public transport. These are some of the responses.

I live in Gold Coast and take the 962B into town a few times a week. I often change at the interchange and get a quicker bus, missing out Sham Tseng.

Basically, they need their own buses that start and terminate there, so that Gold Coast buses don't have to take the diversion through there.


The 962 should be running all day or more regularly at the least It is a regular thing to catch 962x or 962 b and it is crowded with no seats available


I find the current bus service adequate, though at 17:00 it's usually necessary to stand as far as the bus-bus interchange. Seats invariably open up after that.

My concern is the widening between Gold Coast and Sam Shing.  At present that 2-lane section discourages much traffic, especially large trucks, from taking Castle Peak Rd. as an alternate to the highway. 

Once that section is widened it will become a more attractive route to the River Trade Terminal.  Please urge the Transport Dept. to leave that 2-lane section un-widened.


We live in Siu Lam.  My son goes to Island School and needs to catch the 6:20 a.m  962B in order to get to school on time.  The biggest issue we have is the duration he is on the bus because 962B stops in Sham Tsang which takes an extra 15 minutes of travelling time.  We are reluctant for him to travel on the 962 at that time because the buses get filled up at Gold Coast and by the time they arrive to our stop, there aren't any more seats which is tough when you carry a backpack half your bodyweight.  

The same applies when he comes home at around 3:30 p.m.  There aren't any 962 buses so he's again on the 962B bus for a long time, taking him at least 3 hours to get to and from school.  

Aside from the City Bus, there should be a meeting to discuss KMB bus services as well.   The interchange has been a great; allowing us access to buses to travel to different districts.  However, the loop around Tai Lam is again very time consuming, at least 5 - 10 extra minutes are needed for the bus to stop at the stop near the marine service training centre (sorry, I don't know the exact name but there's a mock ship used for training)  Is it possible to re-direct the route so that the buses do not need to backtrack?


We don't bother using the 962 much these days - ever since the 962B became the only regular bus. The 962B takes too long so we have opted for a car instead. I am sure many others did the same.

A regular 962 bus re-established would be the sensible way to go. It used to be a great service.The interchange is hopeless too as Gold Coast link buses are so irregular there. Why the K51 and K53 don’t go to the interchange makes no sense.


As a teacher who works locally, I don't use the bus during peak hours but more at the week-end and during school holidays. However, I do wish that the 962 wasn't restricted to rush hours as the 962B takes significantly longer. As I always travel with 2 children, I feel that it would be a pain to get off at the interchange, wait again and hope again to find 2 or 3 seats. So basically my option is the 962B and a long, boring journey (although I spend it reading a book to my sons)

Whenever I travelled on Saturdays before 9am, I have found that the 962 and the 962B are badly synchronised. They often arrive one after the other and yes, the option is then between standing in a packed bus for a shorter journey (962) or sitting in an empty bus for a longer journey (962B).


My husband and I would appreciate more buses in the evening, after 5pm.

The 962B seems far less frequent during this time and the buses that go to the interchange are often full.


My family and I live in Verdant Villa and get the Kowloon bound bus just down the road from the complex. I do have a car but due to the traffic on the island I like to think I am helping the congestion and environmental issues by leaving the car at home and catching the bus to and from my work in Wanchai.

I tend to arrive at the bus stop around 7.15am to take my daughter for her school bus, and normally see 2 962 buses, max 75% full before the arrival of the 962S which is standing room only by that point, having just come around the corner from Chi Lok. Around 7.25am, a 962B arrives and I’m about the 3rd passenger on it. By the time the bus gets to Sui Lam, it is full.

That’s 4 buses in 10 minutes, one packed to the rafters, one empty, both having started from the same point, Chi Lok. Not exactly rocket science to work out something is not quite right.

Why can’t they employ more 962S buses in the morning rush hour? Why does a full 962B have to go via Sham Tseng when there are always numerous buses parked up in stops waiting to serve HK Gardens, Sham Tseng etc?

Coming home is a lottery and if you haven’t got a seat outside WorldWide House on the 962B, you are stood all the way home. Alternatively, you can get the 962X and walk from Handford. Failing that, a token 962 appears around 6.45pm which nobody seems to know about and remains about half full for the journey.

It seems that nobody has thought about how inadequately the existing population on Castle Peak Road is served before building an additional 7000+ apartments.

Surely the time has come to split the 962. The Tuen Mun Highway bus interchange could be the ideal starting point for the 962B and cover from the interchange to Sham Tseng.

The 962X should run from Lung Mun Oasis, and get on the highway in the town centre.

The 962 should start from Handford Garden’s interchange and cover Castle Peak Road up to the Tuen Mun Highway interchange.

Another question I have is why does the 962B stop in Admiralty in the morning?

There also seems to be an increasing tendency for Citybus to put the “flyer” buses on which have more space devoted to luggage and less to passengers. Are they expecting the passengers to climb onto the luggage racks and sit there?




Yes I think it's time to bring the 962 bus running again. There's a time that I waited for 1/2 hour in the bus stop the 962B - is not coming. It's take to long to wait and the journey it's forever to Central.
Sometimes the 962B has no more seat. I need to stand up all the way to Elements. It's time for 962 to run again specially Sunday. 

My views are that the Bus co should be transparent in their capacity planning - what are they planning for 2017?

Secondly given the buses are now tracked by GPS, the next logical step is for them to write an API so you can see when the next bus is coming as you can with Uber with a taxi.


As a daily commuter to Taikoo Shing I spend a good portion of my day travelling and trying to figure out a faster or more comfortable way.

I'm often one of those waiting for the 962 which comes two in a row or not at all for 20 minutes. And when on average I commute for 90 minutes each way I can't afford that uncertainty. I ended up going to Sam Shing to try and get the 962c at 7.40 every morning but it  was frequently nearly full and didn't save me much time at all. So have reverted to taking 3 buses. In all it's a slow, disconnected journey and never convenient. The possibility of a direct service from castle peak road (Gold Coast phase one) to quarry bay would be brilliant, but even a frequent 962 on weekdays and weekends would make a big difference.

By chance I have found There are a number of non-franchised coaches from Hong Kong island to Sam Shing and Tuen Mun. Leaving at times and locations I don't know for sure these buses get you back in half an hour max from central. Yet they are not advertised, in English anyway, but I'd be very keen to find out where and when then leave from Gold Coast If at all.

I've used the one from next to hang seng bank in sheung wan on occasion. But if we could get an idea of what services go where and when we may be able to avoid the long waits and journey time of the 962.


I still remember when CityBus stopped their 962 bus regular whole day service 3 years ago, they promised to make 962B bus more frequent. But honestly I don't feel that the bus becoming more frequent, and in one rare occasion, I waited for more than 30 minutes for the bus. And recently I took the bus on weekday, at about 10.30 pm, and the bus was super packed that I had to stand next to the entrance door. This is really such a disappointment.

But I found the opening of Tuen Mun interchange station is very nice, going to a lot of other places are also becoming more convenient. Yeah, we have to take any KMB bus, and then wait for bus 960 or 961, but at least we have more option now, and no need to go through Sam Tseng to go to Hong Kong island. And no, I would not take 962B and change to 962X, because that's just silly.

The busses are not that frequent, and your total journey plus waiting time might become much longer. But for me it's still a total disappointment that we have no direct bus going to Hong Kong Island without having to go through Sam Tseng. And yeah, I found busses around Gold Coast area are not frequent enough, especially since we don't have MTR here, I think the busses should be more frequent.

I'm so happy that now we have A33 bus passing through Gold Coast area, even though it's only one in one hour. I know Gold Coast management wants their airport shuttle bus to become a residents privilege, that no outsider could use, but that's just silly, cause other that on rush hours, those busses are mostly very empty. It's such a waste of resources. Plus the pollution in Hong Kong is pretty bad already, and we don't need empty busses added to it.

While Gold Coast sells their own tickets, waste paper, and the tickets expire if you don't use it; to use Discovery Bay and Park Island as an example, they use Octopus card to pay, and they don't restrict their busses to residents only, and I think this is a much better way to operate the shuttle bus service. And from what I heard, Gold Coast management is struggling to make profit with this shuttle bus service, so why not open it for non Gold Coast residents as well. Anyway, I'm really happy with the new A33 service through Gold Coast area, and have taken the bus from Airport a few times, and liking it. And I hope we will have more busses, and maybe even more buss routes passing through Gold Coast area.


Are you a regular commuter? YES

Are you happy with local transport links? YES

Is your journey time longer? SLIGHTLY (962B adds 10 minutes or so, depending on what time you leave; but then, you are more likely to find a seat as it starts from Chi Lok)

Can you get a seat?  YES



The only thing I would change re buses st the moment is that I would like the K51 to also go to the interchange.

I no longer wait for 962B as I find it very time consuming to go through Sam Shing so getting to the interchange is important 61M and 52X are ok but K51 would add an extra bus to get there.


Our attitude is to reintroduce the 962 bus during non-peak hours. The 962b adds 15 mins to journey, and going via the bus intechange is a hassle.


Help us to try to improve public transport in the Gold Coast area before it's too late.
Please send your experiences and comments to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by Wednesday 1, so we can present them at the meeting.

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 January 2017 19:51
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