24 | 04 | 2017
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Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Open Air Cinema
This looks like fun! Click on the banner for more information.
Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Open Air Cinema

REMINDER - Gold Coast Piazza HSBC ATM Relocating on Thursday 13th April
Gold Coast ATM

Please note that the HSBC ATM machine will be relocated from its current position to the Gold Coast Piazza 7-11 shop from 1.00p.m. on Thursday 13th April.
HSBC notice

Bouncy Castle

New Classified Adverts - Items for Sale Locally

We have lots of new adverts for items for sale in our Classifieds Market Place:

Gong Fu Tea TableMercedes Benz CL500 ‘S’ Class Coupe  BMW

Incline Bench Gauswheel Car seat

Apple Screen Child's Bike Table and Chairs

You can also place a free advert - all you need to do is create a free account!

Special Medical Offer for Airline Staff and Their Dependents
marina medical centre and sportsperformance physiotherapy are offering airline staff and their dependants an exclusive offer.

marina medical centre offers a special fee for GP consultations at their Gold Coast and Tsim Sha Tsui clinics (Advance appointment is required for Tsimshatsui clinic).

sportsperformance physiotherapy provides 30% discount on physiotherapy services at their Gold Coast centre (Advance appointment is required).

Click the below to learn more about the offers!

Marina Medical Airline Offer Sports Performance Airline Offer  

marina medical centre is a private outpatient clinic on the 1st Floor of the Gold Coast Piazza. It provides general practice and primary care services. As well as general consultations, the centre also offer a range of vaccinations for children and adults, health screening and travel medicine services.
The resident GPs at the marina medical centre are Dr. David Henderson and Dr. Hnin Saing.  Both of them look forward to providing personalised healthcare to the local community.

Address: marina medical centre, S22, 1/F Gold Coast Piazza, Tuen Mun

Enquiries: 3420 6622 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

marina medical centre

Under the same roof is sportsperformance physiotherapy, a unique "one-stop-shop" multi-disciplinary allied health centre which offers treatments for injuries, physio-therapeutic services and specialisation in sports performance. Their "one-on-one" 40-minute service with the emphasis on active hands-on treatment allows for thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis and tailor-made treatment programmes.

Sports therapy

New Regular Columns
Feng Shui Master Jill Lander gives us her forecast in Feng Shui - April 2017

Jill Lander

Jill Lander

Regular hiking columnist Christ'l Truebenbach has given us a hike with a view in Hiking - Big Buddha

christ'l truebenbach
Christ'l Truebenbach
Contributor Melinda Wright, who teaches Yoga and Pilates in the Aegean Coast has given us a the

Melinda Wright

Melinda Wright
Sino Plaza - Easter
Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences Tower 21 Refurbishment Completed

"Sino Group is delighted to unveil the latest, fully-furnished three-bedroom show suite in its newly refurbished Tower 21. At a media preview guests enjoyed an exclusive first look at the newly decorated three-bedroom show suite at Unit A on the 17th floor, which measures 1,372 sq ft in MFA (1,069 sq ft in SFA).
The show suite features a cosy yet elegant décor with floor-to-ceiling windows that frames the picturesque vistas of the marina and the South China Sea. Meticulous efforts have been spent on the renovation of the interiors to provide residents with a unique style of living.
Sino Residences - Tower 21
Tower 21 brand new 3 bedroom apartments provide 270 degree Panoramic Sea View & Marina View

Tower 21 has just undergone a comprehensive refurbishment programme that commenced in the fourth quarter of 2016.  It comprises an upgrade of materials and fittings; the lift lobbies and common areas have been completely refurbished for a seamless extension of the elegance of the interiors; kitchens are replete with sought-after, modern appliances while bathrooms are fitted with decent amenities.
Sino Residences - Tower 21
Well-equipped 3-bedroom apartment which features an en-suite bedroom and a helper’s room
The tower offers 72 exquisite residences with three units on each floor. Well-appointed and elegantly refurbished, the three-bedroom units all include a helper’s room and an en suite bedroom. The MFA of Unit A is 1,372 sq ft (a SFA of 1,069 sq ft); B and C Units have an MFA of 1,138 sq ft (a SFA of 875 sq ft). Penthouse units with exclusive external roof-tops are also on offer.
It is expected that the renovated units in Tower 21 will receive enthusiastic interest from a broad range of potential tenants, from young couples looking at starting families, young families who want good schooling for their children to businessmen who frequently travel between Hong Kong and mainland China as well as executives or expatriates seeking a relaxed resort lifestyle.  

In addition, residents can enjoy the full range of recreational facilities on its doorstep, including the 2,000-square-metre outdoor swimming pool, one of the largest outdoor free-form pools in Hong Kong, a newly upgraded gymnasium, extensive play areas, tennis and squash courts, a poolside barbeque area and landscaped gardens. The Gold Coast Fun Farm, where children can learn to plant different vegetables under the guidance of expert instructors, has been launched to promote green living to the next generation.
From left to right - Roger Poon, Associate Director of Property Investment & Management, Sino Group;
Robert Kaiwai, General Manager of Hong Kong Gold Coast;
and Ms. Hilda Lai, Deputy General Manager of Leasing Department, Sino Land Company Ltd.

Roger Poon, Associate Director of Property Investment & Management said, ‘Sino Group has spent more than HK$50 million for the refurbishment of Tower 21, the latest initiative in our continued efforts to enhance our leasing portfolio to meet the evolving needs and expectations of today’s discerning tenants’.
Monthly Rent Starts at HK$26,000

Sino Vista

So Kwun Wat Village Access
With Wheelock Properties' Napa development nearing completion, and and two other new developments under construction plus the new Mount Kelly School opening next year there will be a lot of traffic trying to exit So Kwun Wat via the junction of So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road.

Goldcoastonline.hk has suggested that a possible solution might be to extend the far end of So Kwun Wat Road (by the 鄭任安夫人千禧小學 school) just a short distance to join the service road which runs in to Kwun Fat Street near Grandview Hights.

Traffic lights or a roundabout at the junction of Kwun Fat Street and Castle Peak Road (just to the east of the Esso petrol station would also need to be installed, but it would mean two routes in and out of So Kwun Wat instead of one. The suggested extension shown in red.
So Kwun Wat Road
So Kwun Wat Road
Beatrice CHU Shun Nga and David Coates
Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga and David Coates of goldcoastonline.hk expore the proposed road extension site

The Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Renews goldcoastonline.hk Banner Campaign
Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Prime Rib Banner

Goldcoastonline.hk is delighted to announce that the award-winning Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel has again renewed its banner ad on this site for the fourth year running.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel is a family beach resort conveniently located within a 30-minute drive from Central. Tranquil tropical gardens with direct access to Golden Beach provide the perfect setting for a dream wedding, a relaxing family holiday, a romantic getaway or corporate team-building events.

Their 453 rooms and suites, including eight kid-themed rooms, feature views of the sea or the marina of neighbouring Gold Coast Yacht Country Club, allowing guests to be comforted by the cool sea breeze as they enjoy genuine warmth of the hoteservice.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Sports therapy

Dog Park Proposal

In light of the high number of recent dog attacks goldcoastonline.hk has proposed the idea of a local public dog park to Tuen Mun District Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga (Democratic Party; Hanford Ward).

The area proposed is on the opposite side of So Kwun Wat Road to the Aegean, and shown here marked in red:

Proposed Dog Park Site

Beatrice CHU Shun Nga and David Coates
Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga and David Coates of goldcoastonline.hk expore the proposed site

Councillor Chu expressed concerns that the idea of a dog park would be blocked by Aegean Coast residents. This was based on her experience at a recent Aegean Coast Owners meeting where a proposal by the LCSD to  insall a 'resting station'for the forthcoming Tsuen Wan - Tuen Mun Cycle track (below) was met with negative views.

Tsuen Wan - Tuen Mun Cycle Path

As it is hard to imagine how much disruption resting cyclists could cause to Aegean Coast residents, they are unlikely to welcome a dog park, even though they have one for Aegean Coast residents' dogs.

Do you think we need a dog park? Are you an Aegean Coast resident who would object to a dog park here? Please email your views to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Snake Season
Chinese Cobra

With the arrival of the warmer weather snakes are now becoming more active. Whilst is unusual for snakes to enter houses it's not unknown (goldcoastonline.hk can think of at least 6 cases that it knows of over the years in this area, and readers may remember that just last year So Kwun Wat resident Hannah Christie came from from a night out to find a Burmese Python in her house).
Here is some advice from licenced Hong Kong snake-catcher William Sargent.
"Snake season starts soon! So I thought a little recap might be helpful of what is the responsible thing to do with unwanted visitors...

1) Snake in the wild: give it space, and leave it to get on with its day. Most snakes will disappear before you see them. If you really have one 'blocking the path' then consider getting a long stick (4ft+) and tapping its tail to shoo it off the path.

2) Snake in your garden (venomous): decide whether the snake really is an issue. Most snakes will not hang around your garden once they realise humans are frequently in the area. You could just be cautious for the next few days (especially at night and with lifting objects that could be hiding spots). Some species (eg Red Neck Keelback), even though venomous, pose virtually no threat if left alone.

3) Snake in your garden (non-venomous): unless it is a very large Python, there is really no reason to move it. They pose no risk unless you corner it and try and pick it up (good luck getting close enough). Even in the very unlikely chance you got bitten, its a superficial injury akin to being scratched (a kitten could do more damage).
3) Snake in your house (non venomous): if you feel safe in doing so, get a photo, get it identified (this will help you plan next step). If confirmed non-venomous and not too big (and you feel comfortable doing so, you can try to remove it yourself. Using a bathroom towel to grab it and stuff into a bag works well (only if you have 100% had it identified as non-venomous).

4) Snake in your house (venomous): you can call the police (either your local station or 999). They will come out, 'see' the snake and they should call the government snake catcher for that district. They should NOT kill the snake (this is a danger for them and against their operating procedure now). If it looks like they are going to, you can video them and use for a follow up complaint. This is not how animal control works anymore. All snakes caught by the government snake catcher are handed over to the police who then hand to Kadoorie farm for processing/release.

Please remember, that any snakes that are moved far from their surroundings will be put at a huge disadvantage in terms of survival. Some snakes are almost guaranteed to die if moved away from their range habitat.
Its a much more positive and responsible approach to try and co-exist as best possible.

Good luck and look forward to another summer of great pictures.
For more information on identifying local snakes Coconuts website has a good Hong Kong snake guide as does the AFCD. The Hong Kong Snakes group on Facebook is also a good source of information, and for postng any photos you take of snakes.

Sino Vista

Spanish Tuition

Native Spanish speaker providing Spanish conversational classes in Gold Coast.

Also can help with basic grammar and homework tutoring. Fee per hour HKD 350.

Please contact Virginia for appointments at 5506 0112. (The number shown in the March e-newsletter was incorrect. This number is the correct one!)

Sports therapy
What's Happening Around the Gold Coast Piazza?
The Citibank ATM site, the old lavatories and The Trappist have all gone, and each site is being redeveloped for new tennants.
MedStars is currently in discussion with their contractors regarding renovations. 
Gold Coast Piazza Parking
Piazza Parking Offers

Gold Coast Airport Shuttle Bus - Reduction in Service
Following the introduction of the new public A33 Airport bus service Sino Land has reduced its own airport bus service schedule.
Airport Bus Service Schedule

Sino Vista

Harrow Hong Kong and Everton Football Club Community Soccer Programme

Harrow International School Hong Kong will start a new session of its free soccer training programme in May and June 2017 for local young footballers aged between 6 and 10 years old.
Harrow Everton Football 1

In the 6-week session, children will receive various football skills coaching from students from the Upper School at Harrow Hong Kong and teachers from the School’s Physical Education department.
Online registration for the new session will start on the School website (desktop only) on Wednesday 1st March 2017, 10am.
Harrow Everton Football 2

The School would like to foster ties with young footballers aged between 6 and 10 years old. As part of the Tuen Mun community, the programme also aims to enrich the sporting experience of children in the district.

Dates (both Sessions 1 and 2 have been fully enrolled):

Session 1) Fridays 11, 18, 25 November, 2 and 9 December and 10 February
Session 2) Fridays 17 and 24 February, 10 March, 21 and 28 April, 5 May
Session 3) Fridays 12, 19 and 26 May, 2, 9 and 16 June

​Venue: Astroturf (outdoor) / Assembly Hall (indoor), Harrow International School Hong Kong

Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Meeting time and place: 4.50pm // Entrance of the Crossroads Foundation, Tuen Mun
Harrow Hong Kong teachers will meet the children at the Entrance. Parents/guardians should not leave child(ren) unattended.

Pick-up time and place: 6.00pm // Gate 1, Harrow International School Hong Kong, Tuen Mun

Some participating members will be invited to participate in football competitions with school teams from other local and international schools on Saturdays, 4 March and 3 June.

For more details please go to

Harrow International School Charity Activities
Boarding students from Peel House of Harrow International School Hong Kong joined the charity work of Pei Ho Counterparts (北河同行) by 'Ming Gor' and his team in Sham Shui Po to pack and distribute food to homeless and destitute people on 11 February 2017. 'Ming Gor' is an owner of a small, local Chinese barbecue restaurant. His restaurant has been giving free meals to the homeless every Saturday and serving affordable meals to poor locals.
Ming Gor
The charity work of Peel House boys demonstrated one of the School's six leadership attributes of Harrow Hong Kong Contributing positively to the community. The weekend experience with 'Hong Kong's Restaurant with a Heart'  was a very sobering revelation for many of the students to see how much poverty and need there is in this city.
It was encouraging to see other like-minded passionate people were there to help the people in need. The boys and teachers appreciate the opportunity to support this very heartwarming charitable effort.

Next in the pipeline we also have the charity partnership with Everton in The Community (i.e. the charity arm of the Everton Football Club), the invitation weekend for local secondary students in Tuen Mun, and other regular visits to elderly home, cancer centres and children service centres.
For more information about the School's charity and community services, please click here or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sports therapy

Grandview Terrace
Very few local residents know that less than 2 kilometers from the Gold Coast Piazza is a well-hidden, exclusive estate where properties sell for HK$110,000,000 and upwards. (That’s right – HK$ ONE HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION and upwards!).
Grandview Terrace 1
Grandview Terrace, located on a hill behind the Castle Peak Road Esso garage, is reached by a private, traffic light-controlled single-lane road. 
Grandview Terrace
It contains 10 mansions, each with extensive private grounds, and most with their own swimming pools. One has a useable indoor floor area of 4500 square feet, with about 30,000 feet of outdoor space.
Grandview Terrace 2
Grandview Terrace
Grandview Terrace
Some have been used as film locations for TV and movie shoots. Apple Daily has an interesting video of one of the properties, although it’s only in Chinese.
Grandview Terrace
Time to start saving up!

Easter Holiday English Tuition

Take the opportunity to give your child - or you - extra English tutorials during the Easter school holiday.  Chose from 3 - 5 one-hour sessions per week. 

Mss Ami English Tutor

本人Miss Ami位於稔灣,以英語為母語的外籍老師,已有十年教學英語經驗,希望能在本區或附近繼續教學。



 如有興趣可致電 或電郵到 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 查詢

 Miss Ami

Miss Ami

Miss Ami is a Nim Wan-based native English teacher with over 10 years’ experience of teaching English in Hong Kong.

She can come to your home and teach you or your child or group of children everything from letter sounds for reading to advanced grammar or helping them with their homework.

Miss Ami has a kid-friendly personality and "I make lessons fun and enjoyable for the children, as well as being educational".

Interested? Email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Sino Vista

Harrow International School Astroturf Pitch and Traffic Updates
Thanks to Harrow International School for sending us clarifications and updates on our earlier reports.
"The School is committed to providing a distinctive education for its students in a safe and healthy environment. It has monitored closely all developments in the debate about the safety of artificial turf since the NBC report on 26th October 2015; the sad story of the death from cancer in the USA in 2012 of Austen Everett, whose mother has suggested that her death may have been linked to the rubber crumb turf on which she played football as a goalkeeper. The School has kept its parents fully informed since that time.
The Sing Tao article mentioned in Gold Coast Online was published on 18th April 2016 and reported that some parents had self-funded a laboratory test on the amount of lead and other heavy metals in the rubber crumb infill. It is important to clarify that, the School commissioned Labosport, a FIFA accredited laboratory in France, in May 2016 to undertake toxicological analysis on heavy metals based on the EU toy safety standard (EN 713: 2013 Safety of toys Part 3); this examines the transfer of soluble materials and 19 heavy metals in toy materials after swallowing. The School informed its parents and the HKSAR Government Department of Health of the results, which met all aspects of the standard, in June 2016.
The statement "These concerns have lead the ESF to close 5 of their schools' artificial pitches installed by Sports Technology International, although Harrow International has chosen to continue using their pitch installed by the same company" is not fair to the School either. The ESF closed its pitches on 5th December, but re-opened them on 22nd December 2016 following the receipt of tests on levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). When the School heard about the ESF closure, it immediately communicated with its parents, the Department of Health, its manufacturer and sports clubs in Hong Kong to understand the reasons for the closure of the ESF pitches. As a precautionary measure, the use of the Harrow Hong Kong Astroturf was suspended on 13th December pending the results of PAH tests on samples its crumb rubber infill that were collected at the same time and sent to laboratories in France and Hong Kong.
The samples were tested according to the EU REACH regulations (Entry 28 of Annex XVII). The School re-opened the School’s Astroturf pitch for use from Monday 9th January 2017 after being notified of the test results, which showed that the levels all eight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) were considerably below the limits specified in the EU standards. The full reports of these tests have been made available to its parents and sent to the Department of Health for its reference. Meanwhile, the School continues to liaise closely with the Department of Health over this issue, which has attracted much public concern. It also continues to investigate the merits and drawbacks of various alternative crumb materials to enable the best possible decision-making to take place about the Astroturf, which has a central role in its day-to-day operation. The safety of the students at Harrow Hong Kong remains the School’s priority".
"The South China Morning Post article was published on 6th March 2016 and did not, therefore, reflect the effectiveness of traffic measures that have been implemented this academic year since August 2016. The School recognises its role in the shared responsibility of the local community for managing traffic flow in the local area, which will continue to undergo significant growth over the next few years.  A link below to the section of the School's website contains a summary of its current position and the measures it has so far implemented to play its part:
Equally, the Kerry Properties development is in its final stages of construction and the significant improvement in the condition of Tsing Ying Road since Christmas has had a very positive impact on traffic flow to and from the School. We have been pleased to receive recent positive feedback from the HKSAR Government Transport Department, district councillors and residents in the neighbouring community".

Dog Attacks
Dog owners should be aware that there has been a spate of dog attacks on other dogs in the Gold Coast area recently. The three sites (that goldcoastonline.hk knows of) are shown in red:
Dog Attack Sites

The three sites include:
A dog from the plant nursery on Castle Peak Road in between the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre and the traffic lights at the turn off to Faraday Road.
Plant Nursery, Castle Peak Road

Two dogs attacked dogs being walked along So Kwun Wat Road, opposite the Aegean Coast:
So Kwun Wat Road
A dog escaping from the village house at the bottom of the ramp between the Sinopec garage and the stream next to Gold Coast Phase 2 and attacking two dogs being walked past there:
Castle Peak Road
Please be particularly aware when walking dogs in these areas, and please tell your Domestic Helper to be alert if she walks your dog/s.

Sports therapy

Does the Gold Coast Area Need a Dog Park?
In light of the above attacks, is it time that this area had its own dog park where dogs can safely run around?
Let us know your though by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Good News for Bus Passengers
The new lavatory block on the lower part of the Tuen Mun-bound Tuen Mun Road Bus Interchange is now open. 
New Lavatories

This is probably very welcome news for late night passengers travelling home after a night out in Wanchai or Lan Kwai Fong!
Everything House Banner

Harrow International Tries to Reduce Traffic Congestion
As previously reported on goldcoastonline.hk, local residents have had their morning rush hour journey times lengthened by traffic congestion as parents drop their children off at Harrow International School
However, according to the SCMP Harrow is trying to limit the traffic congestion.
The SCMP report states:
"Harrow International School is planning to reduce the number of permits allowing private cars to enter the campus from September, and will require all new pupils living near the routes to take school buses from 2017-18, the Post has learnt.

The move came amid rising complaints from local Tuen Mun residents about daily traffic congestion at peak hours, largely caused by parents ferrying their children to and from the school, since it opened in 2012.

Some parents have shown support for the plans but others were adamant about their right to drive their children to school.

Local residents and a district councillor worried that the plans were too little, too late.

“I’m afraid the plans will only look good on paper,” Eddiemartin Tsang, a civil servant in his 40s living nearby. “The congestion problem has been bothering the community for years but it’s never solved.”

A bottleneck is caused at the entrance of Tsing Ying Road, leading up to Harrow, which branches off from the middle of Castle Peak Road – the main Kowloon-Tuen Mun artery.

During peak hours, two streams of parents’ cars, moving in and out of the road, meet those moving to and from Tuen Mun along Castle Peak Road at the intersection, and a jam is formed.

To make things worse, Kerry Properties is building a 1,100-unit housing estate in Tsing Ying
Tsang worried that this would bring in more private cars and worsen the problem.
District councillor Beatrice Chu Shun-nga, of the Democratic Party, said normally around 350 private cars would visit Harrow during the morning hours.

On a Friday afternoon, a parent arriving an hour early to collect her daughter was stuck in the middle of a long jam outside the school.

“This is so ridiculous,” said the parent, surnamed Lam, pointing to all the cars before her. “All students should take school buses.”

Lam said her daughter used the school bus every morning and she would only drive her home after school. She hoped all parents could be cooperative and use the school bus service.

But another parent, surnamed Lai, said parents should have the right to choose between school bus and private car. She said she preferred driving her children so she could spend more time with them.

In a letter to parents last month, Harrow’s deputy head Seth Bolderow said the school would reduce the number of car permits from September and parents without a permit would be asked to at least drop their children off at one of the pick-up points along the school bus routes.

He did not say how many permits the school planned to issue.

Bolderow added that the school would be likely to make it mandatory for all new students living near the routes to take school bus from the 2017-18 academic year.

But he also admitted that the strategy would not make a “significant short-term impact, especially as the student roll... will continue to grow”.

Tsang questioned whether the school could really prevent parents without a permit from driving up Tsing Ying Road and wondered why the school would not request all new students take school bus.

Chu said the school should have introduced the compulsory school bus policy earlier. She said the government should also shoulder some responsibility, as it had granted Harrow the premises.

Harrow has been having regular meetings with related government departments such as the Transport Department and the Education Bureau.

“The government has the responsibility to solve the problem,” said Chu. “If you do nothing, the situation will only get worse.”

A spokeswoman for Harrow said the school has implemented measures such as different arriving times for children of different ages and car-pooling.

She added the school had been pressing the government to open up the other end of Tsing Ying Road and work out a medium- and long-term traffic control plan.

Harrow has previously been criticised by parents for increasing its debenture from HK$3 million to HK$5 million, and a compulsory annual capital levy from HK$50,000 to HK$60,000 per child from the coming September.”

Sino Vista

Harrow International School Parents Concerned Over Artificial Pitch Health Threat 
Parents of children attending Harrow International School are so concerned over potential health threats from the schools artificial sports pitch that they have paid for an independent laboratory test to assess the safety of the pitch.
Harrow International - pitch
An article on the websight ejinsight.com said:
"Tests conducted on an artificial turf at the Harrow International School in Tuen Mun have revealed that the rubber materials used for the facility contain toxic chemicals, Sing Tao Daily reports.

The findings of the tests, which were conducted earlier this year, have sparked worries among parents that their children’s health could be at risk, the report said Monday.

Artificial turf, a surface of synthetic fibers that is made to look like and replace natural grass, has been suspected of containing substances that could cause cancer, although the makers deny any such risk.

Given the fears, some parents of children who were enrolled at Harrow International School Hong Kong, which was founded in 2012, dipped into their own pockets and commissioned a laboratory to test samples of the artificial grass.

According to the test results that came back in late March, the rubber compounds, which are used in making the artificial grass as well as car tires, contained 24.2 parts-per-million (ppm) of lead.

Although the concentration is lower than the standard 1,000 ppm, the parents were still shocked and angry, the paper said, citing fears that the lead could make its way into the human body and affect the nervous system.

The parents conveyed their concerns to the British boarding and day school’s management, asking them to look into the matter.

The tests also revealed that the rubber compounds comprise 251 ppm of polybrominated biphenyl and 721 ppm chlorine. Both of them are considered to be harmful to the immune system.

Claiming that it uses the fourth-generation artificial turf that has won the top-tier accreditation from FIFA, school authorities mailed some information to the parents and provided details regarding the material used in the artificial turf.

Still, in a bid to allay concerns further, the authorities are preparing to send samples to Labosport France, which is a laboratory certified by FIFA, for more analysis, according to the report.

A school spokesman was quoted as saying that they have been keeping a close eye on reports regarding potential harm that could be caused by artificial turf, and that they will make a decision on continuance of the facility in the future.

The school management may also seek the opinion of government authorities if necessary, he said..
These concerns have lead the ESF to close 5 of their schools' artificial pitches installed by Sports Technology International, although Harrow International has chosen to continue using their pitch installed by the smae company".
A report in the SCMP dated December 8th 2016 said:
"The closure of five schools’ artificial pitches over potentially harmful chemical levels has sparked concern among other schools and the government.

The English Schools Foundation made the decision last Friday to shut five man-made pitches at Discovery College, King George V School, Renaissance College, Sha Tin College and South Island School for “further investigation” after problems emerged in initial chemical tests.

It came after potentially toxic heavy metals were found in the material of non-ESF Harrow International School’s artificial pitch earlier this year.

The concern centres on the potential health risks from chemicals found in rubber granules – usually made from recycled vehicle tyres – which are used as filler material between plastic grass fibres in so-called third generation (3G) artificial turf.

Inhaling the powdered rubber granules could cause allergies and are potentially hazardous to human health, experts have said.

At least five other schools – Hong Kong International School, Island School, Chinese International School, Australian International School and La Salle College – which have not been affected, pitch suppliers and the Architectural Services Department attended a seminar hosted by the Hong Kong Rugby Union in response to the closures, according to an attendance list seen by the Post.

A spokeswoman from the ESF confirmed that all five of the closed pitches used 3G artificial turf systems, while other ESF schools do not use the same type. Almost 40 per cent of all government pitches are also 3G turfs, according to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department".
The same report went on to say:
"An LCSD spokeswoman said contractors are required to submit certificates issued by independent accredited institutions on field performance, according to standards set by Fifa which state that 3G turf materials are required to be non-toxic.

One parent from an ESF school the Post spoke to demanded answers from the group over why they were kept in the dark for days.

She said had been disappointed in the decision by the school to deprive pupils of “green grass” by replacing the natural turf with an artificial one two years ago, given the “amount of tuition parents were paying”.

“Management costs may be lower [for artificial pitches] but at what expense? The cost of our children’s health?” a mother from KGV said
goldcoastonline.hk will approach Harrow International School for their comments.

Sports therapy

Sino Land Renews goldcoastonline.hk Banner Campaign For 6th Year
goldcoastonline.hk is proud to announce that Sino Land has renewed its banner campaign for the 6th consecutive year.

Their campaign is comprised of a Header banner advertising their Gold Coast Residences:

and a mid-way banner advertising their prestigious low-rise developments Vista Cliff and Vista Cove:

Goldcoastonline.hk is the only media and advertising platform which specifically targets the Gold Coast area, which was why it was chosen by Dairy Farm to advertise the re-branding of the Gold Coast Wellcome Supermarket to Market Place by Jason.

Established in 2009 goldcoastonline.hk is a privately-owned community website which provides local news and information, a community forum and a Classified Market Place for residents and businesses in the Sham Tseng – Gold Coast – Sam Shing area. The site is complimented by an informative monthly e-newsletter which goes out to over 1,300 local residents and businesses, and an active Facebook presence.
Our unique platform has also been recognised by Marina Medical Centre which has advertised with us since 2014 and who have just renewed their banner campaign for a further 12 months, and Wheelock Properties, who are advertising their new NAPA development in So Kwun Wat.

If you would like to find out how your advertising dollars can be effectively targeted in the Sham Sheng - Gold Coast - Sam Tseng area then please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 9261 9561.
Everything House Banner

goldcoastonline.hk Welcomes Mount Kelly School Hong Kong as a New Advertiser
Mount Kelly is one of the UK's most prestigious private, independent, co-educational School for children aged between 3 and 18.
Mount Kelly School, UK

The school has recently booked a 12-month goldcoastonline.hk Header banner package to advertise their first international venture, Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, which will be situated in So Kwun Wat.
Mount Kelly
The new Mount Kelly School Hong Kong will open in September 2018, firstly with their City Campus (Preparatory School*) Years 1 - 4.
*A preparatory school (or prep school) in the United Kingdom is a student selective, fee-paying independent primary school that caters primarily for children up to approximately the age of 13. The term "preparatory school" is used as it prepares the children for the Common Entrance Examination to get them into a private independent secondary schools, including the prestigious English public (which are actually private) schools.
Mount Kelly Badge

Design and development continues on their main campus located in So Kwan Wat, Tuen Mun which opens in September 2018.
Mount Kelly's vision is to establish Hong Kong’s premier British education institution founded on 140 years of academic excellence and committed to global relevance.

Who Are Mount Kelly?
Mount Kelly School Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s first and only British preparatory school offering a globally recognized curriculum and an outstanding educational experience for pupils from Pre-Prep (Kindergarten) to Year 8.
Mount Kelly Classroom

Applications are open and they are very busy scheduling interviews and assessments for January and February 2017. Please visit their website to review their Admissions Procedure and download the Application Form.

Introduction of a Capital Levy
Mount Kelly School Hong Kong will give families the option of subscription to the Mount Kelly Foundation protected Individual Nomination Certificate OR pay an annual Capital Levy.

Parent Information Sessions
Mount Kelly has scheduled several Parent Information Sessions for the New Year:
  • 10.30am – 12noon  Saturday 21-Jan & 11-Feb @ Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • 6.30pm – 8pm   Wednesday 1-March @ the British Council, Admiralty

Gold Coast Area Transport Survey
With 7,000 new homes planned or already being built in the Gold Coast area the local transport system will be pushed to breaking point.

Goldcoastonline.hk would like to hear your views on public transport in this area, so that we can present them at a meeting of local business and community leaders with a view to improving local public transport.

Are you a regular commuter?  Are you happy with local transport links? Is your journey time longer? Can you get a seat?  How can services be improved?

Please send your experiences and comments to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by Wednesday 1st February, so we can present them at the meeting.
You can read the first comments from local commuters here.

Help us to try to improve public transport in the Gold Coast area before it's too late.

Sino Vista

Goldcoastonline.hk Mailshot Campaign
Goldcoastonline.hk is pleased to announce that it is now carrying out an initial mailshot campaign via Hong Kong Post.
Almost 5,000 (actually 4,945 !) residents in Aegean Coast, Aqua Blu, Aquamarine Garden,  Bayview Terrace, Castle Peak Bay Garden, Castle Peak Villa, Hong Kong Gold COast Phases I and II, Peridot Court and South Sea Villa will receive the flier below.
Goldcoastonline.hk Mailshot flier
A further mailshot will take place after Chinese New Year.
Sports therapy

Snake Warning, Peridot Court
Seen on the wall of Peridot Court in the pedestrian lane linking Castle Peak Road with Yu Chui Street:
Snake Warning

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Bike Trail Upgrade
Thanks to local resident and keen amateur Triathlete Darlene Goode for the following information and photos.
The biking/hiking trail along the south-west end of the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir is currently being repaired and upgraded, with work due to end on 16th January.
The workers have assured Darlene that the repairs will NOT include concreting!
Tai Lam Chung Trail
Tai Lam Chung Bike Trail

Everything House Banner

New Hydroponic Greenhouse Under Construction in So Kwun Wat
What appears to be a new hydoponic green house is currently being built next to the road from So Kwun Wat to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.
In the hydroponic system crops are grown in nutrient-filled water instead of earth. Many types of crops can be grown using this method - including Marijuana!

Sino Vista

Sports therapy

Wellcome Chi Lok Now Open 24 Hours
If your pregnant wife has a sudden desire for pickles and ice cream in the middle of the night, or you are smitten with a sudden attack of the munchies, jump in a taxi to Wellcome in Chi Lok which is now open 24 hours.
Wellcome, Chi Lok

Wellcome Supermarket, G/F, Shopping Centre, Chi Lok Fa Yuen, Tuen Mun, NT

Sino Vista

More Land Sold for New Homes
The SCMP has reported that "a large residential site in Tuen Mun estimated to require an investment of up to HK$8 billion to develop attracted an enthusiastic response to its tender recently.

The Lands Department said it received 10 bids for the government tender of the 290,628 square foot site, Town Lot 541, in So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun."
This site would appear to be part of the old British Army Perown Camp (pictured below).
Perown Camp

"The site plot ratio is 2.9, meaning it can generate gross floor area of up to 841,745 sq ft. It is expected to fetch between HK$2.9 billion and HK$4.3 billion.
Alvin Lam, a director at Midland Surveyors, said he believes the total investment cost, including land cost, for the site could amount to HK$8 billion.

Lam estimates the site, which could provide 800 flats, is worth HK$3.6 billion, or HK$4,300 per sq ft. "This site could be developed into a combination of apartments and villas," he said.
If you are worried about the extra strain that this new development will put on public transport in this area then please take part in our Public Transport Survey.

Think You've Lived in This Area for a Long Time?
In 2003 CLP workers preparing the foundations for a new 'green'electricity sub-station in So Kwun Wat uncovered some ancient artefacts.
Site map
A subsequent archealogical dig led by the Antiquities and Monuments Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and sponsored by CLP uncovered many artifacts including cultural remains from the Late Neolithic Period (2600BC), the Han dynasty (106BC-AD200) and the Ming dynasty (AD1368-1644).
Many pottery artefacts, such as basins, cauldrons, vessels and bowls, were discovered, along with other ornaments, bronze coins and coffins.
The villages in So Kwun Wat can be traced back to several hundred years before they were first described in literature of the Ming dynasty (AD1368-1644).

These were not the first ancient items found in the area. The ethnic Bai Yue people had already settled in South China in the Bronze Age, and Yue items collected by academics in So Kwun Wat as early as the 1920s were typical relics of the Bronze Age and included pottery sherds with double-F patterns, stone adzes and stone ring cores. 
Archaeological finds in recent years, such as bronze arrowheads and a bronze knife unearthed in Lung Kwu Tan, double-F pottery sherds, hard pottery sherds with geometric patterns and stone knives uncovered in Lung Kwu Sheung Tan as well as stone spearheads found in So Kwun Wat, have all provided evidence that prehistoric people settled in Tuen Mun and its environs during the Bronze Age.
Archaeologists believed that the history of the area could span more than 4,000 years.

Sports therapy

One Strike Combat Opens New, Larger Gym
OneStrike Combat, the martial arts and fitness training gym, have expanded and moved to a larger, 1,200 sq. ft. gym on the 1st floor of My Loft, 9 Hoi Wing Road, Tuen Mun.
In addition to a fully-eqipped gym, OneStrike Combat now has one of the few raised professional boxing rings in Hong Kong.
One Strike Combat's raised boxing ring
The boxing ring means that OneStrike Combat can now offer training for 'white collar' boxing, which is becoming increasingly popular with professionals.  This is in addition to their Karate, Muay Thai (kick boxing), Strength & Conditioning and Women's Boxercise / Keep Fit (a specialized class designed for women which combines cardio and strength and conditioning, mixed with a Kick-boxing style of training. Sports therapy sessions will also be available shortly.

OneStrike Combat also holds Goju Ryu Karate classes for children aged 5 years & above. This Martial Art gives children a great chance to build up self confidence, self defence skills and control, and it's also a great way for your child to have fun while keeping fit, with the possibility to progress through the various belts with regular belt testing and competitions.

Succesful One Strike Combat pupils!

OneStrike Combat is run by owner and Chief Instructor Vince Cochlin, who lives in the Gold Coast area but was born in London. He found his martial art roots in traditional GoJu-Ryu Karate, reaching black belt 3rd Dan in the UK before moving to South East Asia where he studied Muay Thai & Kick Boxing.

Vince has been actively involved in training, competing and the practise of Martial Arts for the past 30 years, the last 18 years of which have been in Hong Kong. His skill and experience meant  was honoured to be appointed permanent member of the Hong Kong Southern & Northern Martial Art Association 5th term committee.
Vince CochlinVince Cochlin
Classes are carried out in their new facility in Unit 108, 1/F My Loft, 9 Hoi Wing Road, Tuen Mun. (Just around the corner from Sam Shing LRT so close to the Gold Coast)
One Strike Location
You can contact One Strike Combat on 6461 6252 or via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sino Vista

Gold Coast Piazza Upgrade
Local residents will have noticed a number of changes in the Gold Coast Piazza recenrly, but the one most commented on to goldcoastonline.hk has undoubtedly been... the new 'up-market' public toilets!
New Toilets

The new facilities are located next to the dry cleaners, at the rear of the new Kazuhiro bar and restaurant (the old Chili and Spice site). Sino has also thoughtfully provided a landscaped waiting area outside. 
We don't know if the existing public toilet facilities opposite Resto will remain, or if they will be replaced with something else.

Sports therapy

HSBC Hanford Plaza ATM Upgrade
The ATM machine at Hanford Plaza has now been replaced by a walk-in lobby with 3 ATM machines (both HK$ and Renminbi), a cash deposit machine and a passbook update machine.
Hanford Plaza
 The old Hanford Plaza ATM machine
Hanford Plaza map

Lost Cat - Siu Lam Bus Interchange Area
Phantom the Cat
Nicols Graham's cat, Phantom was trapped and taken from their complex at Bayview Terrace and dumped near the Tuen Mun Rd Bus Interchange on Tuesday, 1st November.
Siu Lam Bus Interchange
 Area where Phantom was dumped.
If you see Phantom, please call Nicole on 9648 6187. Thank you.

Goldcoastonline.hk is Delighted to Welcome Wheelock Properties' New NAPA Development as an Advertiser.
Wheelock Properties have chosen goldcoastonline.hk as an advertising vehicle for their prestigious new luxury Napa development in So Kwun Wat, close to the Hong Kong Gold Coast. 
Wheelock NAPA Banner
With a reader demographic of middle-class and professional expats and local Chinese in the Sam Shing - Gold Coast - Sham Tseng area, goldcoastonline.hk is the perfect way to keep local residents informed about their development.
NAPA - Savour the Goodness of Life
NAPA Development

NAPA is a famous city in the Napa Valley in California - home to the world-renowned vineyards set in tranquil surroundings. Its natural beauty bears a close resemblance to our So Kwun Wat development, an idyllic area surrounded by lush greenery.

NAPA blends in with its natural surroundings – it is contiguous in the north with Tai Lam Country Park and the MacLehose Trail, one of National Geographic 2016's '20 Hikers’ Dream Trails', Golden Beach and the Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club in the south.
Maclehose Trail

NAPA has superb connectivity – it is close to a strategic inbound & outbound road network including Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge connecting 3 major cities on the Pearl River Delta within 1-hour travel time; the proposed Tuen Mun Western Bypass allows easy access to Qianhai & Bao’an International Airport via Shenzhen Bay Port; and is convenient for Hong Kong International Airport through Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link.
It is perfectly placed for access to the privileged school network of Harrow International School Hong Kong, Zhuhai College and Lingnan University.
NAPA is made up of 460 residences comprising 60 detached garden villas & 400 low-rise apartments. Ranging from two to four bedrooms, the apartment sizes range from 430 sq.ft. up, while villas start from 1,700 sq.ft. up. NAPA offers a tranquil low-density living environment with abundant greenery & landscaping.
NAPA Extrior
The Garden villas have 4 configurations, varying from two to three storeys. Every villa enjoys an extensive private garden and rooftop garden, and some have a private pool or Jacuzzi. The living & dining areas enjoy 4.2-meter headroom while other floors with 3.5-meter height, offering a true sense of spaciousness. 
NAPA Swimming Pool
NAPA has is own Country Club-styled luxury clubhouse, Club NAPA, which offers an array of facilities including indoor & outdoor swimming pools, multi-sport hall, gym, wine chamber, multi-function room, kids play area, karaoke room, entertainment room, music room, roof garden, etc.
NAPA Function Room
For more details, please visit napahk.com.hk
Development Information of NAPA


88 So Kwun Wat Road, Tuen Mun

No of Tower

House: 60 villas

Apartment: 5 towers

No of Unit


Saleable Area

ApartmentFrom approx. 430 sf

HouseFrom approx 1,700 sf


Two to four bedroom

Material Date

31 March 2018


Wheelock Properties (HK) Limited

Sports therapy
Sunday 9th October - Newly Arrived Domestic helper Jumps to Death in So Kwun Wat
From www.ejinsight.com
"A 24-year-old female domestic helper jumped from the rooftop of an apartment building at Avignon, a residential estate in So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun, on Sunday.
Police investigators found a letter on the site, apparently from the maid, talking about being unhappy in view of family and work-related issues, news website hk01.com reports.The maid’s employer had reported her missing earlier in the day.
Police said she had worked for only a brief period of time with the employer, having arrived in Hong Kong just recently.
A police source said the maid was apparently suffering from homesickness.
She was from Indonesia, Sing Tao Daily reported.
EJ Insight supports efforts to help people deal with depression and related issues. Here is the 24-hour multilingual suicide prevention hotline of The Samaritans: 896 0000 (or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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Prickly Rescue - Saturday 1st October
An SPCA Animal Rescue team rescued a Chinese Porcupine that was trapped in the deep catch-water above So Kwun Wat Road. It was later released back in to the wild in a safer location.
Porcupine Rescue
Hikers will know that there is a surprising diversity of animals in the area. As well as the herd of goats kept just 1 km from the Gold Coast Piazza and the Ostriches that used to be kept in Tai Lam Chung, wildlife includes porcupines, water buffalo, barking deer, wild boar, monkeys, weasels and badgers, and well as the more ubiquitous snakes.

Sino Vista

Welcome Gold Coast Coffee Morning - 10.00 a.m. - Noon Every Wednesday

Welcome Gold Coast holds a regular coffee morning from 10.00 a.m. until Noon every Wednesday in the Crossroads International Silk Road Café. Please look for the group in the Chinese Room if you don't see anyone outside.

All ladies are welcome to drop by to make new friends and to meet old ones.

Welcome Gold Coast 'Sundowners' Drinks Cancelled

Welcome Gold Coast used to hold a regular "Sundowner" drink on the last Friday of each month at The Faith (which used to be called the Golden Beach Italian Casual Restaurant) near the Gold Coast Hotel.

It was a great chance to make new friends and catch up with old friends. However, with the closure of the Faith restaurant "Sundowners' has been cancelled. Welcome Gold Coast is looking at new venues for Sundowners, so we'll keep you informed.

Gold Coast Motor Festival.
The bank holiday week-end of 1st October saw the launch of the first Gold Coast Motor Festival.
E-Type Jaguars
A pair of classic E-type Jaguars
Spread over the Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club, Piazza and Gold Coast Hotel, visitors could view over 60 world-class classic and collector cars of the highest possible calibre.
Amongst the marques on display were AC-Cobra, Aston-Martin, Audi, BMW, a classic Bugatti copy by Pur Sang, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Pagani, Porsche and many more.
 American Muscle
 American 'muscle' cars belonging to clients of Onbase HK
Plymouth Prowler
Plymouth Prowler
A rare Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing
Only in Hong Kong...
Dior Carrier
... would a car cleaner carry his polishes and dusters in a Dior carrier bag!

Sino Vista


Pearl Island, by Daryl NG Win Hong
 A beautiful mid-Autumn Festival photo of Pearl Island taken from The Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
by Mr. Daryl NG Win Hong, an Executive Director of Sino Group. Reproduced by kind permission of Mr. Ng.

Crossroads is Urgently Appealing for Children's Items, Household Appliances, Kitchen Equipment and Newspapers


Crossroads is seeking baby related items for vulnerable Hong Kong families. Are you able to help a family by donating items in excellent condition? We are in need of newborn clothing, strollers, toys, play gyms and other baby items. Your donation will make a significant difference to a family!

Donate NOW - https://www.crossroads.org.hk/global-distribu…/donate-goods/

Crossroads is also currently collecting household appliances and kitchen items for Hong Kong’s poor.

"Leaving Hong Kong? Crossroads would love to find a new home for your household appliances and kitchen items. We have impoverished families in urgent need of rice cookers, fans, fridges, microwaves, TVs and crockery, in very good working condition. Visit our donation page if you can help. Our Hong Kong families thank you!"

You can find more details here.

A mother picking up a rice-cooker that she desperately needed from Crossroads.
Finally, Crossroads Foundation is running out of newspapers for their "Struggle For Survival" simulations.
They would greatly appreciate your donations of old newspapers to their reception office any time from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Sports therapy

Everything House Banner

Sino Vista

Burglary at The Hillgrove, Sunday 28th August
Whilst Hong Kong is relatively safe compared to most of the World's cities, crime does still happen.
From the SCMP:
"A safe containing more than HK$1.4 million in cash and jewellery was stolen along with three luxury watches from a duplex in Tuen Mun on Sunday night, when the owner went out for dinner.
The break-in came to light at 11.25pm, police said, after the man, 28 and surnamed Ling, returned home to the Hillgrove on Tsing Fat Street and found his bedroom ransacked.
“A safe containing jewellery and more than HK$200,000 in local and foreign currency was stolen and three watches worth about HK$160,000 were also taken from the bedroom,” a police source said.
It is understood the jewellery included two diamond rings and a jade bracelet.
The source said it looked like burglars climbed into the property through the first floor bedroom window. Officers combed the area but no one was arrested."

Sports therapy

Beach Clean-Up, 3.00 - 5.00 p.m., Sunday 28th August

Well done to 14 year old Harrow International student Mei Law who come up with a great idea to help both the Hong Kong environment and build houses for the needy in India.

She organised a beach clean-up afternoon on the un-gazetted (i.e. not covered by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department) beach which runs from BBQ by the Beach restaurant to Castle Peak Villas on Lok Chui Street, Siu Lam.The event resulted in almost 30 bags of rubbish being collected from teh beach.

Beach Clean Up 1

The event was sponsored by Sino Land, who endorsed the event and donated gloves, bin bags and a spot prize for the most bin bags filled.

Beach clean up - rubbish

New Airport Bus Service Starting Friday 26th August

Thanks to Penny and Craig McElhinney for letting us know that Long Win Bus Company are starting a new bus service to the airport, with stops all along Castle Peak Road. Buses will start from Tuen Mun at 5.30 a.m. and run every hour until 10.30 p.m.

Buses from the airport to Tuen Mun will start at 7.50 a.m. and run every 60 minutes until 10.50 p.m., with a final bus at midnight.

From the Long Win website:

"To provide a more convenient bus service for Tuen Mun residents travelling to and from the Airport, with effect from 26 August 2016 (Friday), LWB will strengthen the services of Routes A33 and A33 Express [Tuen Mun Railway Station←→Airport].

Route A33 [Tuen Mun Railway Station ←→Airport] will travel from Tuen Mun Station Bus Terminus to the Airport via Tuen Mun Central, On Ting Estate, Siu Lun Court, Goodview Garden, Sam Shing Estate, Seaview Garden, Hong Kong Gold Coast, The Aegean, Siu Lam, Tai Lam Chung, Tuen Mun Road Interchange, Lantau Link Toll Plaza, Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 2. It will operate daily from Tuen Mun Station between 5:30 am and 10:30 pm; and from the Airport between 7:50 am and 12:00 midnight. The full fare is $27.70.

Route A33 Express [Tuen Mun Railway Station ←→Airport] will travel from Tuen Mun Station Bus Terminus to the Airport, via Tuen Mun Central, On Ting Estate, Siu Lun Court, Goodview Garden, Lantau Link Toll Plaza, Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 2. It will operate daily from Tuen Mun Station between 5:20 am and 10:50 pm; and from the Airport between 7:35 am and 11:35pm at a frequency of 30 minutes. The full fare is $27.70."

 A33 Airport bus service

A33 Stops

Sports therapy

Riot at Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre - Sunday  14th August

Most local residents will be aware of the large Tai Lam prison complex beneath the damn at the end of Tai Lam Chung Road. They will also be familiar with Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre.

Very few residents, however, know about the innocuous-looking Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre ('CIC') located on the corner of Castle Peak Road and Tsing Yin Road (the road leading to Harrow International) opposite to Barbecue Beach. The CIC houses about 500 inmates who are refugees or asylum seekers either awaiting assessment or repatriation to their home countries after their applications have been denied. 

 Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre

 Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre ('CIC')

From www.ejinsight.com:

"On the night of Sunday 14th August dozens of asylum seekers clashed with immigration officers at the CIC, demanding their release from detention.

The group, mostly South Asians, Africans and Vietnamese wanted recognizance from the authorities to allow them to work on their refugee application, Sing Tao Daily reports.

In the charged atmosphere, objects were hurled, pepper spray was used and immigration authorities had to call in help from its quick reaction force.

Police were on standby.

The protesters agreed to return to the center monday morning — more than 12 hours later — after authorities promised to look into their demands.

The men are applying for torture claims assessment which could allow them to stay in Hong Kong if successful.

On April 15, about 80 refugees refused to return to their rooms and demanded a meeting with assessment officers over the status of their recognizance applications.

Eight immigration officers have been injured in six attacks since CIC opened in April 2010.

TVB News reports that officers used pepper spray on Sunday to try to disperse the protesters. No one was injured".

Local Prisons

As mentioned above,  the Tai Lam Chung / Siu Lam area has a number of prisons:

Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre - a local landmark with its fence, wall and guard towers on the hill above the Siu Lam Bus Interchange - is for both male and female prisoners in all categories (sentenced or on remand) and detainees who require psychiatric observation, treatment, assessment or special psychological care).

This facility replaced the old Siu Lam Hospital which now lies deserted at the top of Hong Fai Road behind Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre. A group of urban explorers entered the abandoned old hospital and posted some very eery photos of their visit here.

 Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre

Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre

Tai Lam Centre for Women houses adult female prisoners, remands and inmates, including the notorius 'Milkshake Murderer' Nancy Kissel.

Tai Lam Correctional Institution holds male adult recidivists with short term or balance of sentence.

Wai Lan Rehabilitation Centre is for female young offenders who completed Phase I training in Chi Lan Rehabilitation Centre under the Rehabilitation Centres Ordinance.

Bauhinia House is a half-way house' for female supervisees released under supervision from Training Centre or Drug Addiction Treatment Centre, and female adult supervisees released under supervision of Release Under Supervision Scheme, the Pre-Release Employment Scheme or the Post-Release Supervision of Prisoners Scheme

 Tai Lam Chung Prison Complex

 Tai Lam Chung Prison Complex

A short video of drone footage of the Tai Lam Chung Damn and prison complex can be viewed here - https://youtu.be/lKsOc4dQpSs

Sino Vista

HK Gold Coast Outdoor Workout Group - 10.30 a.m., Every Sunday

Join Redd Baluyos for FREE outdoor workout session behind the HK Gold Coast Hotel next to the beach.

The sessions will be held every Sunday morning at 10.30 a.m. This Class consist of body conditioning, strength building, body weight training, circuit and cardio. Redd will make sure you always have the option to perform the modified version of any drill! This allows beginners or anyone with a minor injury to comfortably fit right in. Build your strength and endurance to perform the unmodified versions of the drill when you see FIT! Bring your family, bring your friends. People of all fitness levels are welcome.

Please wear comfortable exercise clothes and sneakers/trainers. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water. You can call or whatsapp Redd on 98112469 for any inquiries.

Sports therapy

Chu Hai College Opening in September

The new Chu Hai College campus has received its Occupation Permit and so will open at the start of the new academic year in September.
The campus, designed by Rocco Designs, "meets a complex program while giving students a fantastic view of the ocean. Designed by Rocco Design Architects Limited, the building's geometry stacks different programmatic uses on top of each other and connects them with a vertical boulevard. The result is a sculptural entity, partially inspired by Chinese calligraphy, that seeks a balance between solid and void."
Chu Hai College
 Local residents will be understandably worried about the impact of the college opening on the traffic on Castle Peak Road. You can read the Transport Department's response here.

Everything House Banner

Sino Vista

New International School Opening Delayed
Plans to open a new international school in So Kwun Wat have been delayed.
Proposed Mount Kelly International School
Mount Kelly International School (MKIS), which announced in July that it planned to start operating a campus near Tuen Mun’s Gold Coast by September next year, has pulled its application from the Education Bureau while changes are made to the proposed site’s land use classification.

“Mount Kelly International School is continuing to work with the bureau towards a successful licence approval,” an MKIS spokesman said.

The school has requested the Town Planning Board to change the site’s current classification from “open space” to “government, institution or community” in order to permit construction on the 10,600 square-foot plot of land in So Kwun Wat.

The planning authority was initially slated to discuss the change of land use at its July 29 meeting however MKIS has requested a two-month deferral of the discussion.

The school’s application to defer the July 29 discussion stated that it needed more time to prepare supplementary information to respond to comments received. The Town Planning Board has approved the deferral.

Construction cannot begin until the Town Planning Board has approved the change of land use.

A spokeswoman from the Education Bureau confirmed the school had withdrawn its school operator’s license on July 25.

She said to apply for licence, operators must have the planning board’s approval, certificates from the Fire Services Department and Buildings Department and government’s certificates stating that the buildings are complete, among other documents.

The school’s planning issues may have a significant impact on the eventual opening date, according to district councillor Beatrice Chu Shun-nga of the Democratic Party.

“It takes a long time for consideration on changing land use,” she said.

“It’s almost impossible for the school to get all the things done before September next year.”

Chu said she was concerned that the school, which is located near another popular boarding school, could worsen local traffic conditions because of the design of the roads and the lack of parking spaces.

She said MKIS had not included any traffic management plans in its application and that she had submitted local residents’ concerns to the planning board.

The school announced in July that it would offer 360 places to students in years one to four prior to it opening. The number of students is expected to increase to 864 by 2019 as the school introduces years five to eight, with boarding options for the older pupils.

MKIS plans to charge each pupil between HK$155,000 and HK$185,000 per year.

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A Warm Welcome to Robert Kaiwai, New General Manager of the Hong Kong Gold Coast
Goldcoastonline.hk would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Robert Kaiwai, General Manager of the Hong Kong Gold Coast.
Robert Kaiwai and Sino Group Executive Director Daryl Ng
 Robert Kaiwai and Sino Group Executive Director Daryl Ng
In this new role Mr. Kaiwai has oversight across the whole of the Gold Coast complex including hotel, residential, commercial, marina, yacht and country club operations, allowing a unified approach to all areas of the complex's activities.
Prior to joining the Sino Group Mr. Kaiwai had a long and illustrious career with the New Zealand government, holding appointments including that of New Zealand Consul General Hong Kong.
We hope to be able to bring readers an interview with Mr. Kaiwai in the near future.

Sino Vista

Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club Lawn
Readers may have noticed that there is work taking place on the lawn next to the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club. General Manager Robert Blythe has informed Goldcoastonline.hk that the lawn is being upgraded to a far higher standard.
Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club Lawn

The lawn upgrade is, in part, in readiness for the Gold Coast Motor Festival (see above) and after that the club will be using the area for lots of new activities.

Construction Waste Pollution in the Gold Coast Marina
Thanks to Dave Godfrey for letting goldcoastonline.hk know about pollution going in the the Marina. He said:
"Saw this while walking around where chilli and spice used to be - it's almost like insulation material, seems to break into dust when touched. I am sure the folks at enjoying golden beach won't like this much when the tide carries it round".
Marina Pollution 1

Marina Pollution 2
Photos courtesy of Dave Godfrey
Copyright Dave Godfrey

Gold Coast Hotel Opens Gold Coast Prime Rib - Their Newly Launched Casual Dining Restaurant with A View

Opened on the 1st June the Gold Coast Hotel's new family friendly restaurant Gold Coast Prime Rib has a menu inspired by old-school steakhouses. It serves a variety of prime cuts classically paired with standout side dishes and tastefully selected wines to create a relaxing atmosphere for a delectable dinner. A Brunch buffet is also served between 11:30am and 3pm with live entertainment every Sunday.
Prime Rib Menu
Review of Gold Coast Prime Rib by David Coates of goldcoastonline.hk
I decided to take my wife and daughter to the new Gold Coast Prime Rib on Friday 17th June. I called at around 7.00 p.m. to make a reservation, but was told that it was fully booked. Knowing that new restaurants often claim that they are fully booked to give the impression of being popular, we went down to the hotel to check and immediately got a table in the half-empty rib-room.

There was some confusion when we ordered, as when we were first given the menu it wasn’t explained that the price of the main course included a starter or dessert and a side dish. My wife and daughter had the Signature Cut ribs and I had the Jumbo Cut plus dessert.

We asked for plain fries (without truffles) for my daughter, and that was done and she was very happy with them.

I had the creamed spinach and paid for an extra side of truffle mashed potatoes. The truffle mash was outstanding as were the mushrooms which my wife had, but the spinach – the spinach was undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten in many excellent restaurants around the World.

The Beef was superb, and we all very much enjoyed it, as my Daughter and I did one of the Apple Crumbles
- one was easily big enough for two of us to share at the table. The waiting staff were happy to ‘doggy bag’ the other Apple Crumble to take home. My wife had Crepe Suzette, of which more later.

  • We ordered a bottle of Graves. The Sommelier brought it to the table, opened it, sniffed the cork and then put it down while he poured some wine out. I picked up the cork and smelled it (as I usually do) and found a distinct smell of vinegar, which indicated that the wine was ‘corked’. My wife and I both tasted the wine, and agreed that there was the distinctive woody taste of a corked bottle.
I told this to the Sommelier. I was surprised that he hadn’t noticed the vinegar smell on the cork, and even more surprised when he suggested that we let the wine ‘breathe’. No amount of breathing is going to improve a corked bottle of wine!
We explained this to him and he did change it for another bottle which was excellent. We felt that the wine was good value for the quality.
  • The Yorkshire Pudding that came with the Beef was massively overcooked – they were all VERY dark brown. I come from Yorkshire and have been eating them for almost 60 years so I could call myself an expert! I mentioned this to the Restaurant Manager who immediately apologised and said he’d get fresh ones. He came back and apologised again saying that there were no unburnt ones, so he gave us a complimentary side of Spinach after I’d previously said how good it was.
(The Restaurant Manager really is excellent - he is one of the best Ambassadors the Hotel has).
  • My wife’s Crepe Suzette was pre-made and not very good. Typically Crepe Suzettes are made at the table so they are always fresh and guests enjoy the sense of ‘theatre’ as they watch them being made. It's an idea which the Prime Rib could take on-board.
  • When the Waiter brought the bill he said that there was a 25% discount for paying by credit card. This surprised me as the original flier supplied to goldcoastonline.hk mentioned the 25% discount but dids not mention it’s for credit cards only. I always prefer to pay by cash, so I showed the Waiter the flier on my phone to show it does not mention when paying by credit card only. He went away, and then came back to say that the Manager said we could have the 25% discount.
Having to argue about the bill at the very end of an enjoyable evening somewhat spoiled the overall experience for us.

We had a very nice evening - service was generally good, friendly and attentive, and the food – with the exceptions of the burnt Yorkshire Puddings and the lacklustre Crepe Suzette  – was outstanding. There were some negatives as outlined above which slightly detracted from the experience but they were all addressed to our satisfaction by the restaurant staff.

Another Castle Peak Road Building Plot Up For Sale
Thanks to local resident Brian Stewart for letting goldcoastonline.hk know that yet another local building plot has been put up for sale by tender by the Government.
This plot is in between Castle Peak Road and Tuen Mun Road and opposite Jade Grove. It is immediately next to another new building site where they are currently removing a hill.
New plot
As previously reported on goldcoastonline.hk 7,000 new units are being built in this area, so the impact of yet another new development on existing transport links can be imagined.

Castle Peak Bay Waterfront Promenade at Sam Shing
Most local residents will have visited the fresh fish shops at Sam Shing, and perhaps bought fish and shellfish to take to the (now sadly gone) 'Green & White' outdoor restaurant for cooking. They may also have visited the ice factory to buy boxes of food-grade ice for parties or barbecues.
Sam Shing Fish Market
Sam Shing now has another reason to visit it - the Castle Peak Bay Waterfront Promenade.
Promenade sign

Tuen Mun District Council is to be congratulated for building this attractive 800 meter long feature, which includes plenty of designer seats to sit and take in the view.
Surprisingly, both dogs and cycling are allowed - a rarity in Hong Kong.
Promenade map
The view from the promenade looking towards the Gold Coast and Pearl Island
A video of someone roller-blading along the length of the promenade can be found here.

Changes at marina medical centre
Dr. Charlene Kulenkampff has left the marina medical centre and Dr. Hnin Saing has replaced her.
Dr. Hnin Saing
Dr. Hnin Saing
Dr Hnin Saing received her medical degree from The University of Hong Kong in 1998, after studying Biological Sciences in the USA where she was on the Dean's Honour List and received an 'Excellence in Research' award. She spent her intern year in major public hospitals in Hong Kong, rotating through paediatrics, internal medicine and surgery, following which she worked as a medical officer in anaesthesia and intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital, before joining the School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong in 2003. During her time there she was responsible for research, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, and curriculum revision.

Dr Saing obtained a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Queensland in 2008.

Having taken some time off to raise her three sons, Dr Saing is looking forward to providing personalised and holistic healthcare. She has a keen interest in disease prevention and health promotion, and she speaks English, Burmese and basic Cantonese.
See more here.

Sports therapy

   Castle Peak Sunset by Anne Wallis
Copyright Anne Wallis 2016
Thanks to Ms. Anne Wallis for allowing us to reproduce her stunning photo of the sun going down over the Gold Coast Marina and Castle Peak.

Sino Vista

Green Dot Home - Furniture Recycling
Getting rid of unwanted furniture can be a problem. If it's in good condition you can advertise it for sale for FREE in our Classifieds Market Place. Alternatively, you can donate it to Green dot Home.
Green dot Home is an organization established in 2012 focusing on collecting and recycling used furniture and home-ware. Some of the items collected will be donated to the public and others will be sold in second hand markets with part of the proceeds donated to non-profit/charitable organizations. " Our mission is simple - to promote sustainable living in Hong Kong".
They will collect
  • Furniture or home-ware that is still in a good and usable condition.
  • Furniture or home-ware that is in reasonable wear and tear condition.

  • TV Stand
  • Shoe Cabinet
  • Coffee/side table
  • Dining Table/Chair
  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Book Shelf
  • Chest of drawers
  • Lamp
  • Office Chair
  • Office Table
  • Large wardrobe
  • Bed frame
  • Paintings, plant pots, decorative items, kitchenware, etc.

Find out more about their services at Green dot Home.

More Recycling at Hong Kong Gold Coast Phase 2
There is an excellent recycling initiative at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Phase 2 clubhouse. A recycling lorry visits on the first Saturday of each month and they accept paper, metal, CDs, electronic goods, textiles and more. In return they give you tissues, noodles, batteries etc. depending on the weight of materials you recycle.
See the flier below for dates and more information.
 Sino recycling

 Sino Vista

  Sunset over Castle Peak by Tina Je
Copyright Tina Je, 2016
Thanks to Ms. Tina Je for allowing us to reproduce her stunning photo of the sun going down over the Gold Coast Marina and Castle Peak

 Sports therapy

T · PARK - Tuen Mun's Newest - And Possibly Strangest - Tourist Attraction
With its stunning streamlined wave-form design, roof-top gardens, landscaped grounds, spa, theatre, cafe and views over Deep Bay,  T · PARK could be a luxury resort. What it actually is is an eco-friendly sewerage treatment plant which saves land-fill space and which provides electricity to the Hong Kong grid!
Over the years, land-filling has been the only means of sewerage 'sludge' disposal. That is no longer a sustainable waste management solution due to a substantial increase in the amount of sludge to be disposed, resulting from the increasing population and various upgrading and improvement works of sewage treatment systems, including the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme, shortened the lifespan and affects the stability of Hong Kong's landfills.

 With two plants of 4 incineration trains in the facility, T · PARK can handle a maximum capacity of 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day.The heat energy generated from the incineration process is recovered and turned into electricity that can support the needs of the entire facility. When running at full capacity, it can produce up to 2 megawatts (MW) of surplus electricity for the public power grid, which is an impeccable example of “waste-to-energy” in action.

The facilities are due to open to the public free of charge on June 29. An online reservation is required in advance. Four spa sessions of between 90 minutes and two hours will be available daily, with each time slot accommodating 50 people.

You can find more details on the T · PARK website.

 Sino Vista

Monkey Alert! Friday 20th May

While the NW New Territories isn't known for monkeys, they do visit from time to time. Thanks to Shelley Hopkins for letting us know that she spotted "two massive monkeys" heading down Tsing Lung Road towards Pearl Island during the morning of Friday 20th May.

Whilst monkeys are generally harmless if you leave them alone they can become aggressive if they think you have food, so it's best to give them a wide berth, especially of you have small children with you.

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The Gold Coast Boat Show Saturday 30th April - Monday 2nd May
The Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show 2016 ended on 2nd May after four intense days of activities set in the unique backdrop of the Hong Kong Gold Coast. The event featured a mega showcase of the latest cruisers, yachts and water-sports equipment available on the market, along with choices of family entertainment and the-one-and-only Gold Coast Cardboard Boat Charity Regatta, which benefits the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

This edition of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show showcased 90 of the most prestigious yachts and sailing boats, and was attended by 10540 visitors, from yachting novices to true connoisseurs. Continuing to inspire dreams for boat-lovers, enthusiasts had an unprecedented opportunity to explore unique marine pieces such as the Benetti Classic Supreme 132’ – M/Y Mingfa, Sanlorenzo SL106, Sunseeker Yacht 86, Lagoon 560 and Aracadia 85.
It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that the 2016 Boat Show concluded with great success. There is a significant rise of 26.7% in the number of boats showcased comparing to last year.
The market for yachts in the Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest growing sector in the world and this edition of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show is a perfect demonstration of the trend
” says Robert Blythe, General Manager of Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club. 
Boat Show Aerial View

For the second year running, the show also organized the Gold Coast Cardboard Boat Charity Regatta, a built-and-race challenge which raised HK$127,081 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Carboard boats
Carboard boat

Show de Bola Brasil - Brazilian Soccer School and Children's' Parties
Show de Bola Brasil is a company focused on providing top-level Football coaching services in a fun and safe environment to all age groups in Hong Kong.They offer one-to-one coaching, class lessons and soccer-themed children's parties.
Show de Bola Brasil is run by Coach Jorge who began playing street football like many of the young boys in Brazil. He then went on to have a professional career at Corinthians Football Club. Soon, he was selected for the Brazil under-16 National Team playing with legend Ronaldo. He went on to have a professional career in European Football and with the Pohang Steelers, a Korean Football Club.
 You can find out more about their services on their website, showdebolahk.com

Sports therapy

Clean up Our Own Backyard Hong Kong! So Kwun Wat to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, Sunday 1st May
Well done to the 30-40 adults and children who joined in the Clean Up Our Own Backyard on Sunday 1st May, and thanks and congratulations to Locky Lawford for organising such a successful event.
Locky Lawford adressing the volunteers in So Kwun Wat
 Locky Lawford organising the areas for each group.
Volunteers and the rubbish they collected.
Volunteers and the rubbish they collected. 
A nearby digger driver volunteered his services to drag four dumped commercial waste containers out of the stream.
Happy volunteers!
Locky Lawford celebrating a job well done.

Venue Hire at Harrow International School
Goldcoastonline.hk has just discovered that Harrow International makes some of its facilities available for hire. These include their Lecture Theatre, Sports Hall/Assembly Hall, Multi-purpose Room (Large/Small), Dance Studio, Classrooms, Swimming Pool, Astroturf Playing Field, Tennis Courts and Dining Hall.
You may find more information here.

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Gold Coast Outdoor Workout Group
Redd would like to start an outdoor workout group on weekends around the Gold Coast and share his knowledge of fitness. His background is in the sports and fitness industry and he'd like to help a few people get some proper training going and change habits.

When training outdoors he normally focuses on: Body conditioning, strength building, body weight training, circuit and cardio. If he gets a few people, he'll form a group and schedule the workout.

If you'd like to change your lifestyle or just keen to get some training going, PM or WhatsApp Redd at 98112469. You can also reply to his thread - GC Outdoor Workout Group

Holistic Therapist - Baby Massage
Sandy Renouf is a UK certified Holistic Therapist (Aromatherapy; Swedish Body Massage; Indian Head Massage; Hot & Cold Stone Massage; Advance Massage; Meditation Teacher; Crystal Threapy; Reiki etc).
She has recently completed a Baby Massage Instructor course from International Association of Infant Massage ( IAIM) at the Matilda Hospital HK. As part of the course she must undertake a number of case studies to show a group of parents how to massage their own babies (babies up to 1 year old). There is no charge and the sessions are likely to be held in April/May.

Anyone interested should contact Sandy via E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Whatsapp: 5400 3561.

Dog Trainer?
Becs has asked if anyone can recommend a good dog trainer locally? She has a very nervous dog which has bitten her helper twice when he's been rushed at by another dog while out walking.
If you can recommend anyone please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Meditation Group

Virginia would like to start a meditation group in the Gold Coast area. She said:
"If you live in Gold Coast and have an interest in meditation please come and join this casual gathering for free. All levels are welcomed. I have been meditating for many years, trying out different techniques to cope with daily stress.
If you are interested in sharing this experience please text me over Whatsapp 9867 8861 and we can coordinate".

Castle Peak Hill Fire, Sunday 7th - Tuesday 9th February
Chinese New Year Eve saw  a major hill fire on Castle Peak.
Castle Peak hill fire
Almost the same view on Monday 8th February as it continued it burn - smoke can just be seen above the apartment blocks at Tuen Mun Pier Head.
 Castle Peak Hill Fire
Government Flying Service helicopters water-bombed the fire during the daylight hours. Here a helicopter prepares to refill its bucket from the sea close to the Tuen Mun Airport bridge/tunnel works:
Castle Peak Hill Fire
It seems odd that after more than 10 years without any hill fires in this area there are two within 10 days (page down for details of the earlier one). Co-incidence or arson?

Unnecessary Railings on Cafeteria Old Beach
Thanks to Gold Coast resident Ralph Dressler who has alerted goldcoastonline.hk to new - and unnecessary - railings along the beach path next to the barbecue pits on Cafeteria Old Beach and close to the Beachcomber Bar. He also provided the photos below.
Beach 1 Beach 2
Beach 3
Copyright Ralph Dressler
Ralph said:
"I can not understand the reason why these railings were placed.Before it was nice to stay on the BBQ place and our kids easily could play on the beach. Now this is not like before.

Also I talked to local residents and they also could not believe what happens on the beach. I thought there must have also an advisory before any construction? But the local residents were not asked...

I wish the railings could be removed to keep the beach like before...
The barbecue pits are very popular, and children to love to run backwards and forwards from there to play on the beach and the rocks by the sea. This is now impossible, and even if kids can find a way around there is a very obvious safety issue as parents can no longer reach their children quickly if there is a problem".

Ralph has approached both Tuen Mun District Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga (Hanford ward) and the Leisure and Cultural services Department about these railings and we'll publish any replies from them.

Sino Vista

Gold Coast Handyman
If you don't know one end of a drill from another, or you can't make head nor tail of the IKEA instructions for your new book-case then you need the Gold Coast Handyman.
Gold Coast Handyman
 Services include:
  • Child safety locks installed
  • Bookcases/Drawers/ TV stands etc. attached to walls – essential if you have children to stop this from happening: https://youtu.be/g6oHH9GTzsg
  • Blinds & curtain rail installation
  • Changing light fittings
  • Concrete eye-bolts installed for securing outdoor furniture in typhoons
  • Cupboard doors hung/repaired
  • Door spy-hole installation
  • Drains unblocked
  • Drilling holes
  • Hanging pictures, mirrors, clock, hooks, plants etc.
  • IKEA/Flat-pack furniture assembly/disassembly.
  • Lock Replacement
  • Shelving/storage built
  • Replace switches/sockets
  • Towel racks hung
  • TV wall mounting
  • Safety chain installation
  • Tap Repairs
  • PC's set up
  • TV/DVD/Satellite TV's connected


Installation of compact, free-hanging double clothes rails that give up to 8 feet / 2.4 metres of hanging space while keeping the floor beneath clear for shoes etc. The rails are easily adjustable for height.

 Hanging clothes rail

Comes complete with 6 'S' hooks - perfect for hanging bags from.

S Hooks

Price - $750 including parts and installation

Can’t see what you need doing? Call for a free repair estimate - 9261 9561

Sports therapy

Another Surprise Visitor in the Gold Coast Area
Following our story about the Burmese Python that came in to So Kwun Wat resident Hannah Christie's home (page down for details and photo) another, somewhat more welcome visitor made its appearance in the Gold Coast Marina on Tuesday 26th January.
A young dolphin has been frolicking in the waters of the Gold Coast Yacht Club in Tuen Mun since Tuesday, raising fears that it could be injured if struck by passing vessels.

Residents worried that the dolphin could have lost contact with companions and got trapped in the marina but it appeared to be enjoying its stay, remaining active and lively and even occasionally showing its fin and the fish it caught in its mouth. However, the dolphin gets nervous every time a boat passes by.
Dolphin 1
Photos courtesy of Mrs. Hiroe Waugh
Copyright Hiroe Waugh
Experts from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Ocean Park have been observing the dolphin from a distance so as not to scare it.

Hung Ka Yiu, President of the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, identified the marine mammal as a Pantropical Spotted Dolphin. The pantropical spotted dolphin is found in temperate and tropical oceans, and is often seen in Taiwan but is not common in Hong Kong waters. Hung said he could recall at least two instances when a pantropical spotted dolphin was beached and died in Hong Kong, but this is the first time a live pantropical spotted dolphin has appeared in Hong Kong waters.

It has a long, thin beak and concave fin. A newborn dolphin measures about 80 to 90 centimeters in length. Adults are about 2.5 meters long and weigh 120 kilograms on average.
Hung said he noticed the dolphin was swimming freely and hunting for food; it also swam near the exit of the marina more than once but appeared to have no intention of leaving the area.

Hung said he thinks the little dolphin does not feel trapped and is enjoying its new environment. Hung worries that it may be hit by a yacht, which is why he hopes it will go back to the ocean as soon as possible.

Hung warned against crowds swarming the Gold Coast or feeding the dolphin as such acts might scare it.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Adds Two More Themed Rooms
After the successful launch of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel’s first Safari and Pirate themed guest rooms (page down for details), the hotel is excited to announce that two newly designed Dinosaur and Outer Space themed rooms will be ready on 8th February. 
Space themed room

Monday 25th January 2015 - a Rare Winter Hill Fire behind Harrow International School and So Kwun Wat.
The Government Flying Service helicopter water-bombed it with water from the nearby Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.
Hill fire 1
Hill fire 2
The fire was still spreading at 6.15 p.m. when the helicopter had to withdraw for the night
Hill fire 2
Despite firemen fighting the fire all through the night, the fire was only extinguished on Tuesday 26th January by two helicopters fire-bombing it, with one taking water from Tai Lam Chung Reservoir and the other taking water from the sea.

Tuen Mun - Macau Ferries Service Starts 28th January
The Tuen Mun - Macau ferry route is scheduled to resume on Thursday 28th January. Run by Turbojet, the route will take 40 minutes, with cheapest weekday fares at HKD164, and public holidays/evenings costing between HKD177 to HKD200.

The new ferry route between Tuen Mun and Macau will take approximately 35 to 40 minutes. Eight trips to Macau are scheduled per day, with the first ferry departing from Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal at 3.10pm on Thursday 28th January, and the first return ferry departing from Macau at 4.10pm on the same day.
Daily ferry sailings will run between 7:00am and 6:00pm in the first 3 months of operation and will be extended to 10:00pm in the next phase. The company is aiming to offer ferry services at 30 minutes intervals every day.
You can buy ferry tickets online, at booking offices, or travel agencies. For more information please see Turbojet's website.
                                                                Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal
After the Tuen Mun – Macau service is launched it is expected that Shun Tak will then offer connections to other major ports in the Pearl River Delta area such as Shekou.

Sino Shuttle Bus Ticket Expiry
Thanks to Gold Coast resident Patrick Hung for contacting  us about the validity of Gold Coast Shuttle bus tickets, which last for just 2 months - if you don't use them within that time then they become invalid and you lose your money. He said:

"If you do not use a shuttle bus ticket within two months it becomes invalid. As far as I now, it applies to all the Gold Coast shuttle buses. No refunds are available. Sino does make a little more money this way due to the loss from expired tickets. However it comes at the cost of very angry Gold Coast owners. The small amount of money is not the issue the poor service is. When I complained, the manager was quite condescending.

I was just talking to a retired man who was not able to use his airport bus tickets when he returned from a summer in the UK. He had bought the ticket specifically for his return to HK.

The management of the shuttle buses has been poor for a long time. We had the fiasco with the routes being changed and then changed back. We had the mess with the airport bus only picking up outside the yacht club, which had to be changed back. We have people being told their older tickets are no longer valid, if the price goes up a dollar. Now we have short expiry dates. The actual drivers have been very professional, it is just the office-sitters who are trouble". 

We are approaching Sino Land for comment and will report their response.

Thanks to Joan Boutell of Welcome Gold Coast for the following updates:

Mobile Library

If you can't get to the excellent public library in Tuen Mun then you may be interested to know that a mobile library visits the Gold Coast Piazza on the second Tuesday of every month from 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. (However, because of the Christmas/New Year holidays this month it will be visiting on the 26th of January).
You can find it parked in the small car park opposite the HSBC ATM machine/Trappist Bar. If you would like to borrow books you will need to take along your HKIC and a utility bill as proof of address.
Tesco Products
Of particular interest to British expats, the supermarket in the Aegean Coast has re-branded from CR Vanguard to U Select, and they is now sell an extensive range of Tesco products. Prices are very reasonable, i.e. 20 Peppermint teabags are $14, compared to $48 in Marketplace by Jason.
759 Discount Card
759 offer a discount card that you get by spending $300 in the store. After that each time you use the card you get 15% off.

Crossroads International Bicycle Recycling (excuse the pun!)
Crossroads bikes
Amongst the many good works that Crossroads International does is that of renovating old bikes to send to Africa. If you have old or damaged bikes then Crossroads can use them; if you would like to help out renovating old bikes then they could use you, too!
You can find full details on their website here.

German Speaking Playgroup

Abandoned Puppies in So Kwun Wat Road
On Saturday 2nd January some heartless person abandoned four new-born puppies in a rubbish bin. Luckily a dog-walker discovered them in the bin in the garbage station across the street from Shun Tak Fraternal Association Lee Kam Primary School in So Kwun Wat Road behind the Aegean Coast. He and friends are fostering them until permanent homes can be found for them.
Photo courtesy of ejinsight.com
If you have a pet dog or cat they should be de-sexed, unless you are planning to breed them. De-sexing also reduces the likelihood of cancer in later life.
Also remember that a pet is for life. It is every owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet has a full and fair life. If you have considered all the options to keep your dog but decided that you really cannot look after your dog any more, you should try to find a new and reliable owner for your dog or check with the SPCA or AFCD’s partnering Animal Welfare Organisations (AWOs) to see if there is a chance of re-homing your pet. DO NOT TURN A PET OUT TO FEND FOR ITSELF.
Abandoning a pet is a cruel act, and it is also an offence under the law. A pet left on the street or brought into a suboptimal environment suffers unfairly and profoundly. Another option is to surrender your pet to any of the four AMCs.

You can find the contact of AFCD’s partnering AWOs at http://www.pets.gov.hk/en_adoption_6_2.php#b

Sports therapy

An Unwelcome Visitor!
So Kwun Wat resident Hannah Christie had a shock when she returned home after a night out. As she let herself in during the early hours of Thursday 31st December she also let in a juvenile Burmese Python!
Two other So Kwun Wat neighbours, Christine Neale and a man called Desmond heard Hannah's cries for help and they waited with her as she called the Police. Hannah had to wait for an hour before the snake handler arrived to remove the python.
The Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world (about the third-largest as measured either by length or weight). It is native to a large variation of tropic and subtropic areas of South and Southeast Asia including Hong Kong.

They are often found near water and are sometimes semi-aquatic, but can also be found in trees. Wild individuals average 3.7 m (12.1 ft) long, but have been known to reach 5.74 m (18.8 ft). In October this year a 2.8 meter 11 kilo Burmese Python crushed a goat to death on a farm on Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan.
The unseasonably warm weather is confusing snakes so that they haven't gone in to winter hibernation yet.  www.ejinsight.com reported that "A snake expert said the weather is not cold enough to lure them into hibernation, a state of inactivity that slows down metabolism and saves them having to forage for food and allows them to sit out the winter."
If you are hiking or mountain biking please be aware that there are still be snakes about, but as the weather is cooler they can not move out of your way as quickly as they can in the summer.

Sino Vista

Maggie's Choir Christmas Carol Concert at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
On Tuesday 22nd December the choir from Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre at Tuen Mun Hospital performed a Christmas Carol Concert in the lobby of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.
Maggies Choir

Illegal Landscaping at Old Cafeteria Beach
Thanks to a local resident who who alerted goldcoastonline.hk to this incident, and for sending us the photos.
Walking along Old Cafeteria Beach strollers previously had a green and lush hillside on the landward side:
Old Cafeteria Beach - Before

At least, that was the case until early November, when a resident of Aquamarine Garden decided that to improve their sea by ordering their Helper to do some illegal landscaping.
This was the result:
Cafeteria Old Beach - After
Cafeteria Old Beach
Our Correspondent asked the Helper (shown working, below) why she was doing this work, and she replied that she had been ordered to cut down the tree’s by the Aquamarine Garden Villa Owner.
Our Correspondent approached the Management Office of Aquamarine Garden who replied:
"Thank you for your email for the captioned subject. The said location (Old Cafeteria Beach) is outside the estate boundary of Aquamarine Garden which is under the management of Leisure and Cultural Services Department ( LCSD). Please kindly refer the case to LCSD for immediate attention & follow up action."
Our Correspondent has also flagged this to the LCSD but so far has received no reply.
Notwithstanding the selfish attitude of the owner who decided to carry out this landscape vandalism, other issues involved include the possible compromising of the slope's integrity due to the clearance of the vegetation - so increasing the possibility of land-slip; and ordering the Helper to carry out work outside of the address which appears on her contract is most likely illegal.
We will keep our readers informed of any further developments.
Welcome Back to South Stream Seafood

Goldcoastonline.hk is pleased to announce that South Stream Seafoods has renewed it's banner ad for the whole of 2016.


South-Stream Seafood

South Stream Seafoods has  been operating in Hong Kong since 1990. Established to meet the growing demand for quality imported seafood, South Stream has provided price competitive alternatives to dubious and in some cases, dangerous, local fish and shellfish.

After 14 years of serving Hong Kong's top hotels, restaurants and airline caterers, South Stream now offers these same great seafood treats for home delivery. In addition to this a range of other natural, organic and eco-friendly products are also available.

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Gold Coast Bake Sale Raises $15,000 for Maggie's Cancer Care Centre!

Congratulations to the ladies of the Gold Coast for raising $15,000 through their Bake Sale on Friday 13th November at the Gold Coast Phase 2 Club house.

This is a staggering amount based on the sale of cakes and one that will be extremely well received by Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre.


Just a few of the fabulous contributions to the bake sale.

Welcome to The Bloomsway, Goldcoastonline.hk's Newest Advertiser
Goldcoastonline.hk is delighted to announce that Kerry Properties have taken out a banner advert for their luxurious development The Bloomsway.
The Bloomsway - Banner

Located in Tsing Ying Road - literally right next door to Harrow International School
- The Bloomsway will offer 1,100 units site layered across a hillside site.
The Bloomsway - Location
This sloping ‘canvas’ has given the architects the opportunity to layer the development across three distinct platforms - The Laguna, The Terrace and The Highland – with each providing a wide choice of low density living styles to suit all manner of needs.
The Laguna offers a range of apartments from studios, one-bedroom to three-bedroom which cluster around the main clubhouse, which has facilities including approx. 50m outdoor pool, indoor heated pool and gymnasium, linking via a lift with The Terrace.

The Terrace offers spacious and private living environments in four-bedroom low-rise tower units plus an additional nine detached houses at The Terrace

Finally The Highland, secluded in the hills, offers 34 detached houses of unparalleled prominence, each with private garden as well as car parking space.
The Bloomsway - Layout

You can find more information about this stunning development on their website.

A Very Special Anniversary Present!
Goldcoastonline.hk has mentioned the Gold Coast's very own band, Pleasant Land, before, but we've just been told that they were responsible for making someone's wedding anniversary very special.
Scotsman and local resident Michael McGarvey approached Pleasant Land and asked if they could do something special and unusual for his 2nd wedding anniversary. He supplied the band with a some facts about how he met his wife Choco (at the old Pantry on Board in the Gold Coast Piazza), proposed at Loch Lomond and had their wedding on St. Andrew’s day.
Pleasant Land - Celtic Heart
Using this information they wrote the song Celtic Heart, featuring an introduction from Michael. You can check it out at https://pleasantland.bandcamp.com/track/celtic-heart, and also on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and a few Internet radio stations.
Congratulations and happy anniversary to Choco and Michael!

Lok On Pai Flea Market
With Christmas rapidly approaching, the perfect place to browse for gifts, decorations, table-ware and clothes is the Flea Market at Lok On Pai. Just 5 minutes by car or taxi from the Gold Coast there are over 50 stalls offering a huge range of items. A lot of the products are factory samples from China, so there are some real gems to be found in amongst the more general market 'tat'.
It's a great place to wander round on a Saturday or Sunday Sunday afternoon,and you are always guaranteed to meet friends there. There is also a snack stall selling noodles, fish balls and drinks.
Flea Market 1  Flea Market 2  Flea Market 3

Hours: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m., admission free.
Lok On Pai Siu Lam Flea Market 樂安排小欖跳蚤市場
Tsing Fat Street
New Territories

Phone: 9632 1025 / 2440 1991
Lok On Pai Fleaa Market

Castle Peak Road Traffic
Further to our article about traffic congestion on Castle Peak Road at the turn off for the access road to Harrow International/Bloomsway/Chu Hai College (see below); the situation is now exacerbated by temporary traffic lights on that access road. The situation has not been helped by drivers who block the roundabout - in this case three abreast - whilst waiting for traffic to move:
4.30 p.m. on Friday 27th November

 Thanks to Anthony Oliver for sending goldcoastonline.hk the photo.

2015 District Council Elections - Sunday 22nd November
Hong Kong voters went to the polls on November 22
The goldcoastonline.hk area is covered in the West by Tuen Mun District Council Wards L12 (Sam Shing ) and L13 (Hanford). The election results were:

L12 Sam Shing
1     LEE KAM TIM     892
2     SO SHIU SHING     1,837

L13 Hanford
1     CHU SHUN NGA BEATRICE     2,597
2     NGAI KA HO     1,021
3     WONG CHAK WAH     96
4     LI KWAI FONG     697
                                                                     Tuen Mun District
In the East it is covered by Tsuen Wan District Council wards K10 (Ting Sham) and K12 (Tsuen Wan Rural).
K10 Ting Sham   
1    HA HEI LOK    1,606
2    CHENG CHIT PUN    1,799

K12 Tsuen Wan Rural
1    CHAN WAI MING    1,812
2    NG HIN LUNG    1,984
                                                                     Tsuen Wan District
Beatrice CHU Shun Nga (Hanford) has asked goldcoastonline.hk to pass this on to readers:
Beatrice CHU Shun Nga

English, Maths & Science Tutor
Cambridge graduate teacher with 15 years experience offering tuition for Common Entrance, GCSEs (English, Maths and Science) and Oxbridge admissions.
HKD$800 per hour. Please contact or WhatsApp 9160 0986. 
The Gold Coast "Great Outdoors Show" - Sunday 15th November 

The Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club held their first "The Great Outdoors Show" over the week-end of 14th/15th November, showcasing everything that goes with the outdoors lifestyle.It featured sporting, camping, water sports, electric cars, children's' fun zone, wine and food exhibitors.

Following the success of this year's show it will be returning on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November 2016.

Olympic Triathletes ‘Brownlee Brothers’ Visit Harrow International School Hong Kong
Harrow International School Hong Kong (‘Harrow Hong Kong’) hosted the Brownlee Brothers, Olympic medal winning triathletes on 3rd November 2015. The Brownlee Brothers, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, became the first brothers to stand together on the podium in an individual sport at the Olympic Games since 1908.
Alistair Brownlee is the current Olympic, Commonwealth and European Triathlon Champion. He has also won the World Championships, in 2009 and 2011, and was the first (and only) male triathlete to win the World Junior, U23 and Senior titles. He has a phenomenal strike rate in the ITU WTS, winning 19 of the 29 races he has entered.
Alistair’s younger brother Jonathan Brownlee is the Olympic Bronze medallist and 2012 World Champion, in addition to joining his brother in their World and Commonwealth Mixed Team relay success. He also has the most enviable record in triathlon of finishing every race he entered on the podium, from July 2010 to May 2014, 42 consecutive triathlons.
Brownlee Brothers
Olympic medal winning triathletes ‘Brownlee Brothers’ visit Harrow International School Hong Kong
and take a group photo with the students.
Their visit was arranged by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Trade and Investment with the aim to promote the UK internationally as a GREAT place to develop sporting talents. The Brownlee Brothers shared their valuable experiences in the Olympic Games and other world-class competitions with students during the two hour visit. “The British education system has a strong tradition of supporting the development of sport from grass roots level to top Olympians like the Brownlees,” said Jo Hawley, Deputy Consul General of British Consulate General Hong Kong.
The Harrow Hong Kong community was very excited about the Brownlee Brothers’ visit, which ended with an autograph session.

flying kukris

Local Girl Natascha Netz Featured in Major Musical.
Congratulations to 11 year old Aegean resident Natascha Netz, who was one of a handful of children chosen from the hundreds who auditioned for a part in the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation production of 'Blood Brothers', which ran at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wanchai, from Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th November..
                                                                                               Natascha Netz
                                                                                                                      Natascha Netz (left)
Natascha, whose Mum is Indonesian and Dad is German, has won many amateur talent competitions, including one recently in which she won a trip to the competition finals in Hollywood, USA (which unfortunately, she couldn't go to because of prior family commitments).

Welcome to Returning Advertiser Everything House

Following the success of their previous banner ad campaign on goldcoastonline.hk, we are pleased to announce that Everything House has just signed a new 1 year mid-way banner campaign contract.

Everything House Banner

Selling made-to-order outdoor PE rattan furniture at great prices, Everything House delivers to customers all over Hong Kong direct from the factory floor in around 14 days upon order confirmation. You choose the fabric colour and the rattan colour from a wide selection to make your very own customised set.

Gustavs Kenza

Gustavs - this set for just $6,850                                                    Kenza - this set for just $7,500         

UK Boarding Schools? 11+ and 13+ entrance exam TUTOR AVAILABLE!!!
  • Specialised in Common Entrance Maths and Science, I/GCSE Biology and Chemistry.
  • Experienced supporting students from Harrow HK, FIS, GSIS and ESF schools.
  • Successful placements into popular UK Public Schools including Oundle, CLC, Monmouth, Wycombe, Uppingham, Fettes, Harrow UK.
*Gold Coast Area only*

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Everything House Banner

Welcome Gold Coast Coffee Morning - 10.00 a.m. - Noon Every Wednesday

Welcome Gold Coast also hold a weekly coffee morning every Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. - Noon at Crossroads' Silk Road Café. All ladies are welcome to drop by to make new friends and to meet old ones. Please look for the group in the Chinese room if you don't see everyone outside.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences Carnival & Soccer Tournament, 25th October 2015
Sino Land held their annual  Carnival and Soccer Tournament on Sunday 35th October. As well as bouncy castles, face painting, free refreshments and games for the children, 8 local teams competed for two trophies.
Family Day
 Soccer Tournament results
Beachcombers FC
Winners of the 2015 Chairman's Trophy, Beachcombers FC
Football Teams
All the teams had a great day's football.
Gavin HO
The Gold Coast Residences popular Leasing Manager, Gavin Ho,
takes a break from playing to hold his 2 month old daughter.

Harrow School Traffic Chaos

Local residents are having their morning commute via Castle Peak Road being badly affected by traffic doing the 'school run' to Harrow International and heavy lorries delivering construction material to the Chu Hai College sit adjacent to Harrow.

In the Tuen Mun-bound direction traffic is backed up as far as Gold Coast Residences Phase 2. One resident in So Kwun Wat has said:
"[this morning it took] 40 minutes from the So Kwun Wat bus stop (where the bus turns around) to the end of Gold Coast Phase 1. We hadn't even gone past the turning to the Gold Coast hotel!! It took 52 minutes to get the MTR station - it normally takes 25 minutes max."
Junction of So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road
The junction of So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road -
traffic is backed up to Gold Coast Residences Phase 2.

Another So Kwun Wat resident has now been forced to change the route her morning taxi takes to work. Instead of turning right out of So Kwun Wat Road to go to Tuen Mun on Castle Peak Road, the taxi now has to go left and down Castle Peak Road to join the highway at Siu Lam and then head back towards Tuen Mun.
This circuitous route is costing her at least an extra $30 dollars per trip - so an additional $150 dollars per week or $900 per month. 
Junction of So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road
                                                                                                 The junction of So Kwun Wat Road and Castle Peak Road -
                                                                                                                    traffic as far as the eye can see.
This situation can only get worse once the new Chu Hai College of Further Education opens. The planned widening of Castle Peak Road from Gold Coast Residences Phase 1 to Sam Shing (see below) will, in the long-term, alleviate some of the traffic problems, but it will cause even more chaos during the construction phase.

We contacted Harrow International with regards to the traffic problem and Headmaster Mel Mrowiec responded:

"The local area is undergoing significant development and I can assure you that the School continues to liaise with the Transport Department, its parents and the current construction contractors working along Tsing Ying Road in playing its role in helping to manage traffic flow to and from the School site.

Best wishes,

Mel Mrowiec"

If you have any thoughts or comments about the traffic situation please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Crossroads Foundation News
As we previously reported, Crossroads Foundation has been told by the Government that it has to move, so the land can be sold for redevelopment. You can read the latest news on their website, but in the meantime they are looking for help:

What can others do to help?

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any ideas about land options that we might pursue.
  • Volunteer your help/expertise. We will need extra volunteers in preparation for the move.
  • Sign up to our newsletters where we will keep you posted.
  • Donate financially towards our relocation costs.
Crossroads are also appealing for fans to be redistributed in Hong Kong:
Crossroads Fan drive

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel - New Theme Rooms

What a great idea! Click on the poster for more information.

Gold Coast Hotel - 2015-10 (Oct) New Themed Rooms

Sino Vista

"In JOY, Barbara xx"

One of the pleasures of running goldcoastonline.hk is discovering that there are so many talented people in this area.

One of those is Elaine Pounder, a local writer who is co-author of a new book release, 'In JOY, Barbara xx'.

Elaine Pounder

Elaine Pounder

What do you do when you are diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer?

'In JOY, Barbara xx' is a true story which will take you on a journey from such a fateful day, but far from being a story of doom and gloom, it's one that brings hope and light into the darkness! It's a book of joy and victory and one not to be missed!

In Love, Joy - Book cover

A review from one of the first readers: 

I read "In JOY ......" through and will read it over and over again!  Thank you Elaine & Barbara - you are such wonderful gifts!  

The book is available to all Gold Coast area residents for just $125 including free home delivery. To place an order and receive your copy within 24 hours, email Elaine direct at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Castle Peak Road Widening

The Government is planning to widen 1.9 kms of Castle Peak Road from outside of the Gold Coast Phase 1 / Crossroads to Sam Shing (Government Project No. 6853TH). The road will become dual-carriageway, to improve the traffic condition, provision of additional lanes to cater for Tuen Mun East development and future traffic growth of the road section.

On the plus side it should alleviate the current tailbacks caused by the bottleneck outside Gold Coast Phase 1 when traffic uses Castle Peak Road because there is a problem on Tuen Mun Highway; on the negative side 673 trees will be affected, of which 327 can be used for reservations, 89 can be transplanted elsewhere, but 257 will be felled.

Residents in 10 estates along that section fo Castle Peak Road have  formed The Tree Care Action Group, and as the project continues they plan to hold a series of events including hanging greetings cards from the trees and forming a human chain to prevent trees being chopped down, on the hope of attracting public support.

You can read more about the road-widening project on its website here.

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Renews Campaign on Goldcoastonline.hk

We are delighted to announce that the award-winning Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, the only resort hotel in Hong Kong and the premier hotel in the north-west New Territories,  has renewed their banner ad campaign on Goldcoastonline.hk.

Gold Coast Hotel Valentine Day offers

With 453 rooms and suites featuring tranquil views of the sea or neighbouring Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, the hotel is a favourite with visitors and with local residents who enjoy the hotel's  extensive range of food and beverage outlets.

Sam Shing Ice Factory
New residents to the area may not know about the ice factory in Sam Shing. If you are having a barbecue or party then buying packs of ice from the supermarket can be expensive. An easier solution to to take a car or taxi to the Hong Kong Ice and Cold Storage plant in Sam Shing Street and buy around half a cubic meter of food-grade ice cubes for just $40.
The plant's main business is filling the holds of trawlers with ice - they tie-up alongside the jetty behind the plant and the ice is poured in via a conveyor belt, but they are happy to serve individuals. They provide polystyrene boxes with the ice, and it will stay frozen for more than a day.
If you have to carry the ice for any distance when you get home then ask them to split the ice over two boxes to make it easier to carry.
Ice Plant
The Hong Kong Ice & Cold Storage Company Limited, HKIC, Sam Shing Street, Sam Shing

Sofa Slip Covers?

'Bluesalley' has asked if anyone can recommend a shop in the area that does slip cover for sofa? If you can help please reply to her here.

Welcome to a New Advertiser, Bauhinia Solutions.

Goldcoastonline.hk is delighted to welcome Bauhinia Solutions as a new advertiser with a 9 month header-banner campaign.

Bauhinia Solutions

We are pleased to bring you an interview with the Founder of the company, Nicole Graham.

Nicole Graham
Nicole Graham
Nicole, welcome to Goldcoastonline.hk! First of all, can you tell me what Bauhinia Solutions does?

Thanks for this opportunity David. As Business Support Specialists, we alleviate small business owners of their stress and overwhelm by doing their repetitive, client-focused, administration and marketing work.

We happily take on those tasks and projects from their "too hard" or "not enough time" baskets. Whether it is booking travel, planning a book launch, drafting a proposal, updating social media, writing and sending newsletters or publishing blog posts, we are dedicated and committed to their business, as if it were our own.

Let’s get the usual Hong Kong questions out of the way first - I know that you are originally from Australia; how did you come to be in Hong Kong, and when did you arrive?

Keeping with the Hong Kong expat lingo, I’m a trailing spouse.  I moved here because my husband, Nick accepted a position with Dragonair.  We’ve been here since 2004.

Starting your own business is daunting and difficult enough, but it takes a special kind of person to move to a foreign country and start their own business. What prompted you to take that leap?

Initially I thought I would find a job and continue with my career in Human Resources / Training and Development, however when I found that most companies were not willing to negotiate on the number of leave days, and expected me to work 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and half day on Saturday, I thought the best solution was start my own business.

I had always thought I’d eventually step out of the corporate world and into my own business, I just never thought it would be in administration and marketing support, and never thought it would be in Hong Kong.

Who is Bauhinia Solutions’ target client base?

We work with clients who are trying to do it all themselves.  They tend to be 'solopreneurs' or business partners who do not have an assistant to help them keep on top of their administration or implement their marketing strategies.

95% of our clients are service-based professionals – executive coaches, consultants, investment advisors, counsellors, psychologists, trainers, and facilitators.  Generally they’ve been in business for 2-3 years and they’ve found momentum in sales but are not ready to hire a part-time or full time employee.

We work mainly with expats because the team are all native English speakers hailing from Australia, US, UK and India.  We have a VA who is tri-lingual (English, Cantonese and Mandarin).

How big is the Bauhinia team?

Excluding myself, there are nine others in the team.  I have two full time Client Managers and they work directly with our clients.  I have five part-time/casual Virtual Assistants (VA) and one Web Support Assistant.  Their roles are to assist our Client Managers to complete all the client work.  Our ninth team member is our Accounts Manager.  Her role is to invoice our clients and pay the team.

How do you go about finding the right sort of people to bring in to Bauhinia Solutions?

It’s been a journey and I’ve learned a lot through this process.  I ask all applicants to complete a Word, Excel and PowerPoint task, and if they pass this stage, I go down the path of telephone and face-to-face interviews

The final step is to complete an assessment that helps me identify how suitable the person is to the way we work.  I do this because not everyone is suited to working remotely from their own home environment and/or working with multiple clients who have all different support requirements.

I know you’ve lived in the Gold Coast area for some time – what attracted you to move here?

We’ve lived in the area since October 2004, and spent 5 of those years at the Gold Coast Phase II.  We initially chose the Gold Coast because of the space and the bus to the airport.  We’ve stayed here because we like to be out of the hustle and bustle of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island – it’s really nice to come home to a quiet environment.

We enjoy socializing on the Island so this area offers the best of both worlds because it’s still very convenient into town.

Running our own business is very demanding. What do you do to relax in any free time you have?

Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a Bookaholic - I tend to collect books and read when I can.  I also like to draw mandalas, create mixed media art and take photographs of our travels.

The initial motivation for starting my own business was to have work flexibility that allowed me to explore the world.  We like to take short trips regionally and we generally have a big trip to somewhere new, every couple of years.

Nicole, thank you for your time, and good luck with taking Bauhinia Solutions to the next level.

Congratulations to Rory And Toby Meeks!

Local boys Rory (8) and Toby (11) Meeks again qualified for the UCI BMX World Championships in Belgium and Toby placed in the top 30% of 135 boys in his age group:11y boys and Rory placed in the top 15% of 116 boys who were racing in 8y boys, so  awesome results overall.

Toby and Rory Meeks

Rory and Toby Meeks

(BMX, or rather BMX Race, is an extreme sport developed in the 1960s on the west coast of the USA. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, and it arrived in Belgium in the 1980s. BMX Race is governed by the UCI (International Cycling Union), the world governing body for sports cycling. The sport has seen enormous growth, not only in Belgium but throughout Europe and beyond, since the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008).

Hotel Pearl Island

As well as the Castle Peak Hotel (see below) Goldcoastonline.hk has recently discovered that there was also an hotel on Pearl Island.

Hotel Pearl Island

[Note the rocky outcrop where the Beaulieu estate now is and the lack of other developments]

 Hotel Pearl Island

In 1989 the causeway from the Beaulieu Peninsula to Pearl Island was used as a stand-in location for the border between Hong Kong and China in the TV mini-series "Noble House".

Pearl Island

The 'fortress' was superimposed afterwards. You can see more photos here.

The two chimneys on the right of the photo were part of the desalination plant in Lok On Pai, which is now the site of the week-end flea market.

Luggage Repair

With many people travelling this summer suitcases are bound to take a battering. If you need your luggage repairing there is a specialist luggage repair shop in Tuen Mun.

They can repair any brand, and all parts including wheels, handles, catches and locks and all types of zippers.



Room 3, 8/F., Block B, Tuen Mun Industrial Centre,

San Ping Circuit

Tuen Mun


Service Hours

Monday to Saturday : 9am – 5:30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed

Tel: 2541 7818     Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: lotp.hk

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre Hong Kong

Maggie's Centre is a charity organization offering multi-professional services to anyone diagnosed with cancer, their family members, friends or carers. Their Hong Kong Centre is based in Tuen Mun Hospital, within walking distance from its oncology department. All of Maggie's services are offered free of charge.

Maggie Keswick Jencks spent her younger years living in China and Hong Kong as her father, Sir John Keswick, was working with Jardine Matheson.  Both she and her father developed a deep love and respect for the Chinese people and Chinese culture. 
Together they set up the Keswick Foundation to support pilot projects, which address new or inadequate areas in our medical and social systems in Hong Kong and mainland China.  The Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre Hong Kong project is one of the Keswick Foundation’s major initiatives.
Maggies Hong Kong
Maggie's Hong Kong at Tuen Mun Hospital

When visitors walk through the door, they are greeted by Maggie's cancer support specialists, who will listen, answer questions and talk through the elements of Maggie's Cancer Support Programme, assessing which program offerings best benefit individual needs. Their aim is to help people equip themselves with effective ways to face and cope with a cancer diagnosis, to ensure they are able to get the best from their treatment, while they use our Programme to deal with the psychological, informational and emotional impact of cancer.

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre

Tsing Chung Koon Road,Tuen Mun Hospital,
Tuen Mun, N.T., Hong Kong

Telephone: 2465 6006

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website - https://www.maggiescentre.org.hk/en/maggies-hk/about-maggies-hk

Drop in any time between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (closed on Public Holidays). No referral is required.

Crossroads Foundation Told to Move by the Hong Kong Government

Crossroads Foundation has been told to leave its present site on Castle Peak Road so that the Hong Kong Government can sell the land for residential developments.

The Crossroads website has a Q & A, which we have copied here from their web page.

What has the Government offered you?

The land offered by the Government is, unfortunately:

  • too short term. They are offering land on a 5-7 year short term tenancy basis. Such terms are unacceptable for the above reasons.
  • too small. Four of the five sites are too small for us to fit.
  • too difficult to develop. A fifth piece of land suggested is larger but requires the construction of an access road including a flyover bridge, as well as the formative work and building construction, all on a five year tenancy.

Is the Government still looking for other solutions?

Yes. We are in ongoing discussions.

What can others do to help?

  • Email us if you have any ideas about land options that we might pursue.
  • Volunteer your help/expertise. We will need extra volunteers in preparation for the move.
  • Sign up to our newsletters where we will keep you posted.
  • Like us on Facebook for regular updates.

Home Make-Up and Hair Stylist

Gold Coast resident Amanda Pounder is a freelance hair and beauty stylist who will visit your home to do your make-up and style your hair for any occasion.

Prices start at just HKD 350 for hair and make-up. To book an appointment call or Whatsapp Amanda on 9601 2547.

 Hong Kong Gold Coast

A stunning view from the Gold Coast Residences Phase II with the marina and Castle Peak behind it.

Thanks to Anne Wallis for the use of her photo.

Congratulations to Jamie Lloyd!

Sham Tseng resident Jamie Lloyd, who runs private walking tours of Hong Kong through his company J3 Private Tours Hong Kong, has recently been awarded the 2015 tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.  This is the 4th year in a row that Jamie has won the tripadvisor annual award!

J3 Awards

Yorkshire-born and life-long Boro fan Jamie has called Hong Kong home for the last 39 years:

"I do private walking tours around Hong Kong, I am on the streets every day and I have a somewhat interesting perspective of this wonderful city I have called my home for 39 years. My private walking tours are perfect for visitors who want a detailed overview of Hong Kong prior to exploring on their own and for people who are only here for a day or two who want to make the most of their limited time here.

Many clients book me for their first full day in Hong Kong, they get to see the best that Hong Kong has to offer + a crash course on our wonderful public transport system and then they go exploring for the rest of their stay armed with step by step instructions and recommendations from me....

I am available at very short notice, I get many last minute bookings and may well be available even if you arrive in Hong Kong without making plans! so please check my calendar, simply email me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a prompt reply.

I also offer a candid and very personal view of what it is like to live in Hong Kong for 4 decades."

 Jamie Lloyd

Jamie Lloyd

You can find out more about Jamie and his tours, as well as read his fascinating blog about Hong Kong street life on his website, j3tourshongkong.com. Be sure to check out his stunning photos, too.


Gold Coast’s very own rock superstars had a raucous reception as they rocked the streets of Stanley on Saturday 16th May.  Cheered on by some 60 fans who had braved bad weather to trek across to Hong Kong Island’s south side to show support, the band attracted the attention of the local youth who were quick to join in the musical extravaganza.  

Pleasent Land Fans

Pleasant Land fans on the coach to Stanley

The show mixed rock classics from Green Day, Oasis and Thin Lizzy with Pleasant Land’s original tracks from their first album, as well as debuting new songs from their forthcoming EP - “Stand Up!” and “Misery, Misery”.  Gold Coast DJ Mozzie mixed the warm up tunes prior to the band taking centre stage to play an 80 minute set.

The band have expressed enormous appreciation to everyone who spent a lot of time travelling in poor weather conditions to show support.  Pleasant Land’s next live outing will be at The Wanch as part of the Halleluhah Handover festival of bands.  Provisionally scheduled for Monday, 29 June, stay tuned to the Pleasant Land Facebook page or their website www.pleasantland.net for final details or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Pleasant Land

  Pleasant Land - Paul Foster, Mark Gillyon and Jim Vickers from the Gold Coast, and Hernan Castro Matias on drums

2015 Gold Coast Boat Show

2015's Gold Coast Boat Show was a great success, with 70 yachts and over 60 local and international exhibitors participating and over 12,000 people visiting.

One of the highlights was a new event, the Hong Kong Gold Coast’s first Mystery Boat Charity Regatta which raised funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. This fun build-and-race challenge saw teams have to design, build and race a boat using only the materials provided by the Organiser, then sail it around a designated course. When you realise that the materials were mainly rolls of cardboard, cling-film (Saran wrap) and paint, you realise that the teams had to be particularly inventive!

mystery boat 1
mystery boat 2
mystery boat 3
mystery boat 4

Congratulations to all the teams that took part - between their entry fees and sponsorships the event raised $160,000, all of which went to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The event was so much fun that perhaps it could be a stand-alone event in its own right?

If you would like to know more about the Gold Coast Boat Show and how it's organised you can read an interview with Robert Blythe, General Manager of the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club here - Gold Coast Boat Show 2015 - Robert Blythe Interview

Dr. Nicholas Charles Peter Miller, 1953-2015                                          

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Nick Miller, popular and charismatic ex-Principal of the YMCA Christian College, Tung Chung and long-time Beaulieu Peninsular resident.

 Dr Nick Miller

John Snelgrove of Siu Lam, Founding Pastor of the Vine Church Hong Kong and close friend of Dr Miller has written his obituary and a moving personal tribute to him here.

Nepal Earthquake

Crossroads International are collecting emergency items to send to Nepal.


The tragedy in Nepal, its worst earthquake in 80 years, is continuing to unfold. Fear has gripped the people as the aftershocks continue to take their toll, some almost as strong as the earthquake that hit on the 25th of April, 2015.

For people in remote villages, perched preciously on the side of mountains, with homes made of rudimentary materials, the situation is particularly dire. Reports say that many have been wounded when their homes collapsed on them, or as they tried to run to escape the falling debris. In both the urban and mountain areas, people are sleeping in the open as there is danger, inside their homes, of aftershocks causing further deaths or injuries.


Our partners on the ground have requested emergency items such as kitchen and hygiene kits to support earthquake victims. We are being updated regularly and will amend this page as new developments arise.



By Credit Card 
To donate money towards Crossroads’ Nepal disaster relief efforts, please click here and specify ‘Nepal disaster relief’ in the ‘What For?’ section.
By Direct Deposit 
Alternatively, you can make a direct deposit to:
Bank: HSBC
Account number: 083-6-028407
(NB – Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to notify us of your donation.)


Disaster kits Our partners in Nepal desperately need hygiene/cleaning and kitchen disaster kits. Please click here for more information. Please note that, dependent on timing, some disaster kits will be used to replenish our stocks of pre-prepared supplies, ready to send as soon as another disaster strikes.

If you are donating over 50 kits, please contact Crossroads in advance on 2984 9309 so that someone is available to accept your donation.

How to deliver donations

Please deliver any donations directly to Crossroads after calling to inform our office on 2984 9309, with address details found here. Thank you for your generosity!


Do you have other ideas about how your organisation or company can partner to help Nepalese earthquake survivors? We’d love to hear from you. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (preferred) or call +852 2984 9309+852 2984 9309.

We will continue to release updates with any further developments or needs. Thank you for caring for those in need in Nepal.

Newsletter Archive

You may have noticed a new section has appeared in the left-hand menu bar of this page - "Newsletter Archive".  We will be gradually uploading our previous e-newsletters, starting with the most recent. As the very first goldcoastonline.hk e-newsletter was sent out in February 2009 it will take some time to upload them all!

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Good Service Mention

We have mentioned Dr. Joyce Lau of Victoria Vets in Tuen Mun before, but we felt she is deserving of a second Good Service Mention. We have always had good professional service from all the Vets we've used in Hong Kong, but Dr. Joyce really goes the extra mile.

She first took time to get to know Bella, our dog, and rather than stress her by getting her up on to the inspection table, Dr. Lau got down to her instead. She even showed our dog the stethoscope before she used it. Dr. Lau's approach was such that Bella even let Dr. Lau pet her, which doesn't usually allow strangers to do. Her treatment was also highly effective, so we are pleased to give Dr. Lau a good service mention.
Dr. Joyce Lau
Dr. Joyce Lau

Hong Kong Cat Rescue
Hong Kong Cat Rescue is a registered animal rescue charity which aims to to rescue both dogs and cats as well as reduce numbers of unwanted strays through ABC -Animal Birth Control. Based in So Kwun Wat, they do a lot of valuable work in the Tuen Mun area
It is believed that only ABC could help eliminate the unwanted animal problem - blocking the breeding cycle would also save millions of public finance dollars as well as achieving the principle of humane "No Kill".
According to statistics, every female dog/cat they desex means at least 50 unwanted animals could be prevented in 1 year, and 5 million or more over 10 years. During the past years HKCR has desexed more than 5,000 stray dogs and cats.

Their Mission

1.Trap, neuter and rehome/ release stray cats and dogs

2.Help desex the cats and dogs that come into our care

3.Provide them with shelter and eventually a permanent home

4.Find a suitable and responsible family for the cats and dogs in our care

5.If needed, provide the cats and dogs with medical treatment by our ABC clinic

6.Educate the public of animal welfare, and the relationship between humans and animals

7.Educate and prevent animal cruelty

The desexing fee of a stray dog, vaccination and basic medical care is only $500, but ABC and HKCR's funding relies entirely on public donation since they have no government subsidy or allowance. 

You can find more information on their website - www.hkcr.org.hk, or you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For adoption or volunteering you can call their hotline 8200 4668 or email them.

Easter Weekend - Gold Coast Piazza Taken Over by Giant Chameleon!

Congratulations to Toby and Rory Meek!
Congratulations to local youngsters Rory and Toby Meek who just qualified as the 6th (Rory) and 10th (Toby) best riders in their respective age groups at the 2015 New Zealand BMX National Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand.
This means that they have again qualified for the BMX World Championships, the 2015 venue being the Zolder Circuit in Belgium in July.
As previously reported, at the 2014 World BMX championships in the Netherlands Rory (then 7) came 3rd in the world for his age, and Toby World Number 8! Page down for details. 
Welcome to Gauswheel, Our Latest New Advertiser
Gauswheel is the latest - and undoubtedly coolest - personal transport device to hit the streets. Described as an 'urban scooter' it was designed by Hungarian architect Andras Gönczey
goldcoastonline.hk has just bought the Gauswheel Stage 3+ with brake (above) and it's a very well-engineered piece of machinery, strong enough to carry up to 120 kilos, and something which will last for many years. It's easy enough to pick up and carry with one hand, and small enough to store anywhere. It's human powered - using your leg as you would power a scooter - so it's green and will give you some exercise.
It's going to take a little practice to master, but we'll keep you informed of our progress.
Gauswheel is available in Hong Kong, and you can find more information on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/gauswheelmhk

Crossroads International Needs Volunteers!

Crossroads (located opposite Gold Coast Phase 1) is urgently seeking regular volunteers to help us process donated goods for people in need. We are particularly looking for reliable, regular volunteers who can take on positions of responsibility over time. Could you help us process goods such as toys, household goods and books? Can you drive a truck or forklift? Do you have muscles and willingness to head out around Hong Kong to help collect goods? Do you have admin skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or you know someone who can), we need your help!
Please contact us now by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Find out more about Crossroads at www.crossroads.org.hk

Farmers' Market at Crossroads International

The Farmers Market, which sells locally-grown organic produce, is open every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (or until they've sold out!).
Farmers market 1
Farmers Market 2
Nim Wan Village Poon Choi Meal - Saturday 7th March 2015

Nim Wan (the village at the top of the hill across the road from Gold Coast Phase II) held its annual Poon Choi basin meal last night. The sitting out area hosted several hundred people who enjoyed free drinks, poon choi and entertainment.

Poon Choi, also known as pun choi, Big Bowl Feast or basin meal is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong village Cantonese cuisine. It is served in wooden, porcelain or metal basins due to its size and communal style of consumption.

Nim Wan

Nim Wan

Nim Wan

There are several versions of the origin of Poon Choi.  One says that Poon Choi was invented during the late Song Dynasty. When Mongol troops invaded Song China, the young Emperor fled to the area around Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. To serve the Emperor as well as his army, the locals collected all their best food available, cooked it and because there were not enough containers put the resulting dishes in wooden washbasins.

Another says that Poon Choi was an invention of early settlers in the New Territories, who had been driven south of the mainland by a series of barbarian invasions in China between the 13th to 17th centuries. The first Poon Choi was made by the settlers when the emperor’s generals in Song Dynasty passed through the New Territories Area’s village. So the New Territories is Poon Choi’s birthplace and residents in villages regarded Poon Choi, invented by their ancestors as the village’s traditional dish.


Poon Choi includes ingredients such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, abalone, ginseng, shark fin, fish maw, prawn, crab, dried mushroom, fishballs, squid, dried eel, dried shrimp, pigskin, beancurd and Chinese radish.

Due to the respect villagers pay to their guests, there is a relatively small amount of vegetables in Poon Choi.

Castle Peak Hotel

An interesting piece of local history - Castle Peak Hotel was located by Milestone 17 in Castle Peak Road, Siu Lam - the area now occupied by Castle Peak Villas.

Castle Peak Hotel 1

An advert in the China Mail dated 16th July 1949 stated the hotel as being "now open". It was a popular hotel and recreation spot between the 1950s and 1970s, but it disappeared afterwards in the wake of new developments in the area.

Castle Peak Hotel 2

Castle Peak Hotel 3

Castle Peak Hotel 4

Castle Peak Hotel 5

Mandarin Tuition
Gold Coast Phase 2 resident Mrs Mei TAN offers private Mandarin tuition to kids from 4 years up and to adults. Mandarin is her first language and she also has ICA (International Chinese Language Teachers Association) Certificate of accreditation in teaching Chinese as foreign language. The fees are $250 per lesson or $1000 for 5 lessons.
You can contact Mei on 9042 0777 or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7,000 New Residential Units to be Built Locally

During the roundabout inspection on the 19th November Tuen Mun District Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga (see below) told goldcoastonline.hk that following government rezoning, this area will see 7,000 new residential units built in the next few years.

To put the figure in to context, Gold Coast Phase I and II  plus the Aegean equal 3,714 residential units.

When this happens public transport in to Central will be so overloaded that it will be impossible unless the 962 route is re-instated.

Welcome to a New Advertiser - South-Stream Seafoods

Goldcoastonline.hk is pleased to welcome South-Stream Seafoods as a new advertiser, with a 1-year booking for a right-hand banner ad.

 South-Stream Seafood

South Stream Seafoods has been operating in Hong Kong since 1990. Established to meet the growing demand for quality imported seafood, South Stream has provided price competitive alternatives to dubious and in some cases, dangerous, local fish and shellfish.

After 14 years of serving Hong Kong's top hotels, restaurants and airline caterers, South Stream now offers these same great seafood treats for home delivery. In addition to this a range of other natural, organic and eco-friendly products are also available.

South Stream Seafoods operates in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. They attempt to minimize the use of consumable packing materials and eschew decorative, non functional packaging, styrofoam backings trays or unnecessary use of paper and cardboard. This may lead to less visually appealing product presentation but the benefits of saving the environment far outweigh this. Their priority is providing the freshest, most wholesome food for you and your family with the least wastage along the way. They attempt to recycle and reuse all packing materials used in the transport of their products from the country of origin to Hong Kong.

 south stream seafoods

South Stream Seafoods purchase products and support producers and governments that use sustainable resource management programs. The rape and pillage of the oceans resources are unacceptable practices. This can only be be stopped by refusing to buy from traders, fishing companies or sources that follow these practices.

South Stream prides itself on unsurpassed customer service and product quality. All product is unconditionally guaranteed and is replaced or refunded without question. They believe uncompromising service and product standards to be the key to their success. As testimony to this they are proud to have as customers Hong Kong's leading hotels and restaurants.

Sino Land Renews Its Goldcoastonline.HK Advertising Campaign for the 3rd Year Running!

We are pleased to announce that Sino Land has chosen to renew its annual goldcoastonline.hk advertising campaign for the 3rd year running!
Sino Land Gold Coast Residences

Sino Vista

Castle Peak Road Roundabout Layout - SUCCESS!

Goldcoastonline.hk previously reported that Castle Peak Road was effectively down to one lane at the junction of Tsing Fat Street (the turn-off for the Lok On Pai Flea Market) because of new solid white lines painted on the roundabout (see below).

We are pleased to report that after contacting Tuen Mun District Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga, the member for Hanford constituency, she visited the roundabout on 19th November to see the situation for herself. Councillor Chu then took the matter up with the Transport Department.

On the 10th December 2014 representatives of the Transport Department and Hong Kong Police met Tuen Mun District Councillors Beatrice CHU Shun Nga (Hanford) and District Councillor SO Shiu Shing (Sam Shing). David Coates of Goldcoastonline.hk was also in attendance.


The Transport Department has subsequently said that the white lines in question will be removed. Many thanks to Councillors Chu and So for getting this situation resolved.

 Beatrice CHU Shun Nga
Councillor Beatrice CHU Shun Nga
SO Shiu Shing
Councillor SO Shiu Shing

Thanks to Bec Lawford for alerting goldcoastonline.hk to a ridiculous situation on the roundabout at the junction of Castle Peak Road and Tsing Fat Street (the turn-off for the Lok On Pai Flea Market).

Traffic driving along Castle Peak Road from the highway towards the Gold Coast and Tuen Mun can no longer use the outside lane to drive straight ahead at this roundabout.

A solid white line on the roundabout means that the right-hand 'outside' lane can only be used for doing a U-turn around the roundabout:

Castle Peak Road & Tsing Fat Street 1
Castle Peak Road & Tsing Fat Street 2

This can be a very busy roundabout, especially when there has been an accident on Tuen Mun Road and traffic comes off at Siu Lam to reach Tuen Mun via Castle Peak Road. Drivers in the right lane will either have to merge in to the left lane lane - which will cause chaos - or drive straight on and break the law.The Police have already given tickets to drivers for crossing the line, so please be careful.

Solid white lines have also been applied to parts of the roundabout at the junction of Castle Peak Road and Tsing Lung Road (the turn-off to Peridot Court / Beauliieu Peninsula / Pearl Island), but in this case they do not seem to serve any useful purpose except to confuse drivers:

Castle Peak Road & Tsing Lung Road 1


Castle Peak Road & Tsing Lung Road 3

*EMAIL ADDRESS - please Note!!!*
Some people have had emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it bounce back. We are working with our hosting company to resolve this issue, so in the meantime please copy emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as well.

Our second new advertiser is the Gold Coast's new medical practice, Marina Medical Centre, and their sister practice sportsperformance physiotherapy.
marina medical practice              sportsperformance

Both practices have taken out Enhanced Listings in our Local Directory.

Four New Businesses and a Re-Opening

Pet Cloud is a new service started by two long-time local Gold Coast residents Kiki Skelton & Zena Mouncher.  Whilst we don't like to think about it, much loved pets do die so it's good to know that Pet Cloud will handle the collection and cremation of your pet with dignity and the utmost care. You can find out more about Pet Cloud on their website, http://petcloud.com.hk.

Language Tree has over 15 years' experience of teaching English to Hong Kong children.They accept children from the age of 18 months ('Sprouts') and 3.5 years ('Saplings'). Their new Gold Coast centre can be found at Shop 20, 1st Floor, Gold Coast Piazza, telephone 2146 3168.

A new 759 Store is about to open on the Ground Floor of the Gold Coast Piazza, opposite the HSBC ATM machine.

Wooden Boat is a long-overdue concept for this area. Wooden Boat is a boat restaurant at Gold Coast which will be providing junk cruises from the Gold Coast Marina providing French and Thai cuisine, seafood, drinks, music, event parties, etc. You can contact them at 2450 8313.

Popular Resto Restaurant, which has been closed for refurbishment, re-opened on Wednesday 3rd December. 

WOOPS - That's Embarrassing!

We've developed a glitch which means that on some screens you may not see the full page displayed, particularly the banner ads on the right--hand side so you may have to scroll across to see them.

We are working on this and will have it fixed ASAP.

Gold Coast Tenant Carnival & Soccer 7's - Sunday 23rd November

Sino Land held a very successful family carnival and Soccer tournament on the grass behind the Gold Coast Phase II Club House.

There were game booths, face painting, popcorn and candy floss and a very popular - and and very high - blow-up slide which the children (and some mums!) loved. 

family day 1
family day 2
family day 3
family day
The Carnival was centred around a Football (or soccer) 7's tournament, in which 8 teams - including the Gold Coast Flying Pigs and a Sino Gold Coast Management team  - played a total of 14 matches for two separate trophies. The final of The Chairman's Trophy was won by King of Uniform who beat Beachcombers 1-0. 
The Captain's Trophy was won by the Gold Coast residents' team Gold Coast Flying Pigs United who beat Evernest FC by creditable 3 goals to Nil.
 GC Flying Pigs United
 The jubilant Gold Coast Flying Pigs United (photo by kind permission of Leona Williams).

Castle Peak Road Widening

It would appear that the remaining single lane part of Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay from Kwun Tsing Road to Hoi Wing Road will be widened to dual-carriageway standard. Work is due to start in 2016, with completion anticipated in 2019.
Proposed Amendment to the Road Layout Design (Sheet 4 of 4)
Proposed Amendment to the Road Layout Design (Sheet 3 of 4)
Proposed Amendment to the Road Layout Design (Sheet 2 of 4)
Proposed Amendment to the Road Layout Design (Sheet 1 of 4)
You can find more information on the project website - http://www.cprcpb.hk

GFS Helicopter Rescue - Sunday 9th to around 1.00 a.m. on Monday 10th November

A number of local residents have asked about the Government Flying Service helicopter which was using its spotlight to search the hillside above the catchwater near Harrow School and close to the Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat area.

It started around 7.00 p.m. on Sunday 9th with the helicopter searching the hill (the approximate area is circled in red on the photo below) with its spotlight. It left after about an hour, only to return at around 11.00 p.m. to continue searching. After 2 hours at around 1.00 a.m.on Monday 10th it was seen to land on top of the hill close to the red warning beacon, and then take off a few minutes later.


Despite emailing the Police, and GFS it was only after contacting the GFS by phone that goldcoastonline.hk found out that two hikers aged 17 and 18, one of whom had a leg injury, were lost on the hillside. Their phone battery was exhausted, and the first search, using the helicopter's 1.5 million candlepower, was unsuccessful. The second search was eventually successful, and the hikers were airlifted from the top of the hill.

The GFS officer pointed out that many of the people who were rescued were ill-equipped for hiking, often lacking proper maps and relying on Google maps on their phones for navigation!

 Maritime Exercise off Pearl Island

Thanks to Carmen Organ for these great photos of a Government training exercise off Pearl Island/Beaulieu Peninsula/GC Phase 2 on Thursday 16th October (and apologies to Carmen for not being able to load these photos earlier, as she sent them as this was actually happening).

From info.gov.hk:

"Two annual marine pollution response joint exercises, this year code-named Oilex 2014 and Maritime Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) Exercise 2014, were held simultaneously this morning (October 16) off Tuen Mun to test responses in combating pollution caused by spillage of oil and HNS in Hong Kong waters.

During the joint exercises, response groups contained and cleaned up a mock spill situation that would have posed threats to the nearby environment and facilities. The scenario involved a collision between a tanker later anchored off Pearl Island and leaking diesel and a chemical tanker later anchored off Lok On Pai and leaking liquid acrylonitrile. Response officers also conducted a shoreline oil clean-up drill at the beach near Tsing Lung Garden.

Under the Maritime Oil Spill Response Plan, the Marine Department (MD) co-ordinated the oil spill exercise, in which other government departments including the Civil Aid Service, the Auxiliary Medical Service, the Government Flying Service (GFS) and the Hong Kong Police Force took part. Several oil companies and Hong Kong Response Limited also participated in the exercise.

The HNS spill response exercise was co-organised by the MD and the Environmental Protection Department with participation from the Fire Services Department, the Government Laboratory and the Hong Kong Police Force.

In the wake of the simulated oil spill, oil combat teams used floating barrier booms to encircle the tanker while salvage teams transferred the diesel and patched up the leakage. Two barrier booms were also set up near the tanker to prevent the spill from drifting. The exercise demonstrated the spraying of oil dispersant from pollution control vessels and a GFS helicopter onto the sea, as well as the use of oil skimmers and other equipment.

Combating the HNS spill, the response team stopped the leakage, transferred the remaining chemical contents in the damaged tank to other tanks, and sprayed seawater on the sea surface to suppress the chemical vapour.

The exercises provided hands-on experience for relevant departments to adopt a suitable pollution combating strategy according to the properties of the substances concerned

ship 1

ship 2

ship 3

 Photos from the Government website:

ship 4

  A pollution control vessel simulates the spraying of oil dispersant onto the sea.

ship 5

 A Government Flying Service helicopter participates in the clean-up drill.

PARKnSHOP Siu Lam Now Open

The new ParknShop behind Grand Pacific View and Heights in Siu Lam Tsuen Road, Siu Lam opened on Friday 25th September.

Parknshop map

McMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning & Bake Sale, Friday 26th September

McMillan Coffee Morning
Coffee Morning

Local residents Jenny England-Brammer and Sonia Sharma (above left and right) organised a very successful Bake Sale in aid of the Macmillan 'World's biggest Coffee Morning' on Friday 26th September in the Gold Coast Phase 2 Clubhouse. The event raised an incredible $12,000!

There was a stunning array of cakes for sale, all made by local residents.

'Pink Ribbon' cake made and donated by Ami Coates

The morning was kindly sponsored by Hilmann Reinier, importers and distributors of fine coffee. Hilmann Reinier's CEO. Jim Coke, was on hand to provide a fine range of coffee to go with the cakes.

French Language Tuition

Beaulieu Peninsula resident Dominique Frebourg works for Hong Kong University as a French teacher. She also offers private French tuition in conversation, grammar or homework. With a certificate for teaching French as a foreign language, Dominique can help beginners and advanced students in either one-to-one private lessons or group sessions. Lessons are$400 per hour.

Dominique has and she is free to give lessons every day except Monday.
You can reach Dominique on 6434 6852 or you can email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Silk Road Story Time for Pre-Schoolers

Held every second Saturday from 11.00 a.m. - 11.30 a. at Crossroads’ Silk Road Café, come along for a fun half hour of stories, songs and crafts. Stories are aimed at children under 5, (with an accompanying adult) and seek to help children learn about countries and people around the world.


The Silk Road Cafe is in the Crossroads Village, opposite Gold Coast Phase 1. For any questions regarding Silk Road Storytime, or to join the reminder mailing list, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Crossroads is a non-profit organisation, see www.crossroads.org.hk to learn more about their work.

Tuen Mun - Hot Property!

Thanks to Lee-Anne for pointing out this article from the Hong Kong Standard:
By Elise Choi, Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two sites in Tuen Mun were sold at higher than estimated prices yesterday, with one breaking a record for the district with the price per sellable square foot standing at HK$11,559.

The price of the Lok Chui Street site is more than 60 percent higher than the land parcel in Kwun Fung Street in the same district, which sold at HK$7,119 psf last year.

The low-rise development was awarded to Treasure Mega Ltd for HK$156 million. It had been expected to go for between HK$44.5 and HK$135 million.

The Lok Chui Street site has an area of 1,044.6 square meters and has been designated for private residential use. The minimum and maximum gross floor areas are 752 and 1,253 square meters. The property must not be higher than three stories.

A commercial-cum-residential site in Yan Ching street was awarded to Hoyden Holdings, a unit of CSI Properties (0497), for HK$427 million, or HK$5,307 psf. It was earlier estimated to fetch between HK$220 and HK$360 million.

The two sites together brought in HK$538.54 million to the government.

CSI Properties executive director Jimmy Fong Man-bun said the company will spend up to HK$1 billion on the project and build either one- or two-bedroom flats with an average sellable area of 500 square feet. He thinks the site in Tuen Mun town center is rare and expects to benefit from the Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macau Bridge to be completed in 2016. Midland Surveyors director Alvin Lam Tsz-pan expected the sellabe area per square foot of the properties could reach HK$20,000.

The Yan Ching Street site, close to an MTR station, beat estimates because there is a difference of opinion on shop value, Lam added. The site is in the town center and many people walk by every day.

The site occupies an area of 1,174 square meters and at least 125 units are to be built for the non-industrial purposes only.

The minimum gross floor area is 4,227 square meters and the maximum gross floor area for non-industrial purposes is 1,174 square meters.


A “malfunction” at Tuen Mun’s Pillar Point sewage treatment works means that all 14 beaches along Castle Peak Road from Tuen Mun to Tsuen Wan were closed due to a possible sewage leak.The beaches were closed late on Monday night after and re-opened 2 days later.

Angelato Now Open

Angelato, the upmarket ice cream shop (gelato is Italian for ice-cream) opened on Saturday 24th August with a free ice-cream give-away, which proved very popular!


Good Service Mention

Due to an engine immobiliser problem my car had to be towed to the garage, and then from there to the Mazda service centre in Tokwawan. I had had Mr. Lee of Kwong Chak Towing Co. recommended to me, and I am more than happy to give him a good service mention for towing my car on both occasions. He speaks excellent English, and is prompt and efficient.
No-one wants to have to use a tow-truck, but it's always handy to have a number in your phone 'just in case'. You can reach Mr. Lee at 9082 0901

Crocodile in Siu Lam?
The Sing Tao Daily has reported that a man living in Castle Peak Villas in Lok Chui Street, Siu Lam said he spotted a five-foot-long crocodile at the waters near his building last Sunday morning.

As he was standing in his balcony and enjoying the sea view, he saw a black crocodile crawling by the beach and head toward the direction of Castle Peak, the person said. But he lost sight of it when he returned from a quick dash into his home to fetch his camera.

He immediately called up the police, who sent a search party. But the team failed to locate the reptile despite a two-hour hunt.

The man insisted that what he saw it was a crocodile, and not a water monitor. A cleaning worker whom the police spoke to also said that a security guard told her that a crocodile-like creature appeared at the beach by the housing estate two days earlier, but it was gone when both of them went to check.

[Editor's note - around 8-10 years ago I disturbed a large lizard (around 4-5 feet or 1.2 - 1.5m long) which may have been a Common Water Monitor. It was sunning itself on the shore of Tai Lam Chung reservoir but ran in to the water and swam across to an island as I approached].

Poor Service Award - MedStars

Monday 6th August - After a hot day I decided to treat myself and have a couple of pints of lager on the terrace at MedStars in the Gold Coast. All well was well until I’d just paid the bill ($99) when I spotted their happy hour deal on a menu on the table - $75 for 2 pints of Carlsberg and 2 snacks. I asked the waitress why I wasn't charged  for my drinks at that rate, so she asked me to wait until she got the manager.

The manager came out and was surly from the start, saying that they couldn't do anything as it had gone through the till. I said that it would have been nice if the waitress had pointed out the happy hour deal to me. He got quite aggressive, and said the staff were too busy to tell customers about any specials, (there was only ONE other person on the terrace, and just a handful inside). He also said that I should have read all the menus before ordering – but who reads menus when all you want is a couple of pints? I said that it was poor customer service, and perhaps they could train their staff better.

He eventually offered to pay me to pay me the difference ($24) out if his own pocket and two free snacks but I refused as I can live without $24 and I'd had enough of his aggressive attitude and certainly didn't want to stay there any longer.

I’d give MedStars a big ZERO for customer service. We have previously spent about $2,000 a month eating there, but that's revenue they've lost because of $24 and a bad attitude - we certainly won't be going back again.

Congratulations Rory and Toby Meeks

Goldcoastonline.hk has previously mentioned that local boys Rory and Toby Meek had both qualified for the World BMX championships in the Netherlands. We are pleased to say that Rory (7) is the third-best BMX rider in the world for his age, and Toby World Number 8!

Rory Meek
Rory Meek
From the Otago Daily Times:

"Claiming his second world championship bronze in as many years, Rory showed phenomenal skills for a rider of his age.

Toby raced in the 10-year-old bracket, making it through the first round of pool stages, but ultimately could not make it through to the semifinals.

The championship was broken down into three preliminary races, followed by quarterfinals and finals. To advance, competitors required a top-four finish in their race.

''The brothers are such great riders because they just love being on the bike,'' Otago coaching co-ordinator Jason Wadsworth said. ''Whether it's BMX, downhill or cross-country, they are always riding.''

The Meek boys are coached by their father, and are now based in Hong Kong."

Well done boys!

Rory and Toby Meek
Rory and Toby Meek showing their New Zealand national ranking

Tuen Mun Farmer's Market - 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Every Saturday at Crossroads

The Tuen Mun Farmer’s Market, located in the Crossroads Village, 2 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun (opposite Gold Coast Phase 1), was set up by the FVMCS in November 2009. It opens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday and provides a regular outlet for residents in the neighbourhood and nearby areas to buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown locally.  By interacting with organic farmers, customers are also able to learn more about the organic farms and produce in Hong Kong.

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July the Federation of Vegetable Marketing Cooperative Societies (FVMCS) jointly with with The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and the Crossroads Foundation held a special “Local Organic Watermelon Festival”


Search for Injured Hill-Walker, Sunday 1st June
Three fire engines, a police van and a Government Flying Service helicopter were looking for an injured hill-walker on the hill above the catchwater behind Harrow International at 8.45 a.m. today, Sunday 1st June.

Catchwater 1

catchwater 2

Catchwater 3

Exclusive Offer to Airline Staff & Dependants
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    Projections see centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen facing-off on 7 May.

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    Christian Benteke returns to haunt his former club as Crystal Palace beat Liverpool to take a giant stride towards survival.

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    Alexis Sanchez's extra-time winner sees Arsenal beat Manchester City at Wembley to reach a third FA Cup final in four seasons.

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    An Italian prosecutor tells a newspaper there is evidence of direct contact between the two.